Tuesday, December 26, 2006

And The Tuckers had a quieter Christmas...

Parents and children.
I will introduce you to the players here because at the end you get to see some video converations I took at the dinner table.
What do Tuckers and Lundys do at a feast? Tell jokes!
Doesn't everyone?

Our Christmas Eve was a small party with family and neighbours.
Christmas Day it ended up just our parents and our children.
Today some members of our family will see the blog for the first time.

I figured they would be excited to see how well everyone looks, and to hear them chatting at dinner. WE have video we took on the digital video camera that will come later. Al has to pick up a firewire cable that will work with his laptop to edit our greetings. He promised he would be able to get them up soon, even if they are belated.

Oh By The Way. My photos are in backwards order today. I'm a bit over partied and I was not thinkin when I loaded them in today.

This is my Mom, Sandra Lundy... And this is part of our dessert-Creme Brule

From Left to Right-Lillian Tucker(Carl's Mom) who turns 94 in two weeks.
She is from Newfoundland. Now you get to hear what a Newfoundland accent is like.
In the centre is my Dad, Richard Lundy(he is a retired detective staff srgt from the Toronto Police Dept), and next is my Mom Sandra again

This is Carl, and Alex in the background.

Our feast consisted of Turkey(I laid the whole skin over the platters of meat to keep the meat moist), a mix of garden carrots and sweet potatoes, golden mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, and Newfoundland Savory stuffing.

Hey Sue we got ourselves an orb on Carl's chest!

This is my Dad Richard, My Mom Sandra, and our youngest Cameron.

Opening the Christmas Stockings

This year is the year of my parents' 45 wedding anniversary. My Mom and her Sisters wedding were cursed by the curse of the camera on their nuptuals.
My Grandfather wanted to take the photos and in both cases no photos were had. One of the times the film slipped off the capstan, in the other he forgot to put the film in the camera.

So, Mom and Dad have a mish mash of small very imperfect photos in their wedding album. And most of the photos are 2in x 3in
So in honour of their anniversary and Christmas, I scrapbooked them a new album. I scanned each of the photos and fixed them the best I could with digital filters and stuff. (to my photoshop ability) And then I sized them all to 5 x 7.
The most important gift I gave was the album I made for them.
The above photo is how they looked on Aug 25 1961.

Lookin at the album

Me on Christmas morning

Dad (Richard)

Mom (Sandra), Al and Me!


Al and Me

Mom (Sandra)

Cameron(Cam) and Alex(Al)

Carl and Dad (Richard)

Cam, Al and Mom (Sandra)

My festive kitchen with all the great accent pieces Caledonia gave me in my Swap Parcel.


Video clips of the dinner table jokes. Snippets taken on my digital still camera. If you get offended by the jokes don't listen.

25 signs You Might be Canadian.
You can tell Carl is a super geek.
Super geek is defined by one who referrs to their palm pilot to tell jokes at the dinner table.

(I will load the rest of the videos later today. Sleepy now....)
Can you Wiggle your ears. Dad and Cam prove one can always be perpetually 12!

Echos of Prosperity.
Remember.... Lillian is 93 yrs old!

Ice Fishing

I's gots to goes to the Dr.

Little Billy

Things you cannot say with a Hallmark Card

Truck Drivers from the East Coast

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

We will post photos throughout the day so please return later.

The greatest blessings for health and happiness from our family to yours.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The 19 Pics of Christmas and Yule
(there are live green things blooming in the pics in places)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Today's Theme is: Lines

Green glass lines
On wire
Straight lines turn loopy loop
Soft lines of fibre optics
Add battery and twinkle twinkle
Upon the green glass lines are tiny teeny hooks.
Hang from the hooks are bells and balls.
Jewels of gold and fine gemstones like pearls.
And snowflakes
What can it be..............?
A tree

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The Beaded Tree

This is my pride and joy.
I wanted to do a tree like this for a long time.
It has fibre optic lights and hand made decorations.
It is made of tiny green glass beads.
The ornaments are rhinestones and pearls and wood.
It took me two years to complete.
I got the plastic cookies and snowflakes the second year.