Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Bancroft Gemboree

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The Bancroft Ontario Gemboree is the largest Gem Show in Ontario.
It is held on the long weekend at the beginning of August.

Bancroft is in Northern Ontario just south of Algonquin Park. There are many ways to get up there, and we took Hwy 28 north from Peterborough. It takes 3.5hrs driving to get there from my home in the countryside.

It is in the North Eastern Side of Ontario, located in the great Canadian Shield.
Bancroft is the mineral capitol of Ontario.
In the old days the only commerce in the area was forestry and mining.

I have taken a few highlights photos to show you what it is like at a gem show.
Unfortunately it was sooo busy there I was unable to take lots of photos.

This is a typical booth, with gems to buy and an assembled craft product to sell

This is one of the booths of fossils. Gem collectors collect rocks in many different forms.
Fossils are one category of collection, and pretty popular in Canada, for fossils are easy to find while at a river or a park.

The next photos are work of the stone carver Steven Loney.
Our First Nations Artisans and Carvers are a hit at any show!
You can click on Steve's name above to email him with inquiries about his work.

Steve is in Deseronto, Ontario which is near Napanee(just west of Kingston, ON)
He has work in The Picturesque Gallery

Paul M. Bruneau and I have made a deal that I will link his sight instead of just show his photos, so please click on his banner photo to go to his link. He is an amazing carver!
He will have a button on my margin, so you can visit him often. Go to his gallery and read his bio. You will not be disappointed.

Check out his blog here

Paul is in Lanark, Ontario which is North of Perth.
I will be featuring a interview with him, on this blog very soon.
So you will have to make my blog a regular stop so you don't miss Paul's history and innovations.

After our road trip we stopped into Peterborough on the way home to see Al and Amber.
Amber took two pieces of rose quartz I picked up and put each inside cages and put one on her necklace and one on Candy's collar. The crystal made all Candy's photos glow, like I was using the soft glow effect on my photo editor!
A very neat effect, yet a little freaky because it just goes to show what kind of power crystals can evoke even onto digital photos!

I am a bit tired in the photo, but I thought this is one of the better ones to show my weight loss so far. My face is changing. My eyes aren't as bulgey now.

And what trip to Peterborough would be complete without a visit to St. Veronus Belgian Beer Temple
This weekend we were all together for the first time since Carl was away, so we celebrated Al's belated 21st birthday with a bottle of Deus Brut des Flandres, a specialty bottle from Belgium at $40.00 Canadian.

Deus is a Belgian beer which is sent to France after brewing. In France the yeast sediments are removed and it is processed in the Champaigne way, then sent back to Belgium for finishing.
It is bottled in a traditional Champaigne bottle.

Our waitress pours the bubbly in this video.


Click on the photo below to read about the processing

Creme Brule, of course!

Candy showing off her Rose Quartz Crystal in a cage.

Here are the gems I got at the show

A souvenir coin from Bancroft

My prize find was this beautiful Cameo. It is set onto black onyx, the head is carved into a pure Russian quartz, and framed by malachite
Amber wants me to design a wedding choker from this cameo, and it will have crystal gothic cascades falling from it.
I have been looking for the perfect cameo all year.

above: gold stone nuggets, the stone cages, citrine crystals and black tourmoline

The town had grab bags put together with Ontario stones in it.

Rose Quartz and a watermelon/rainbow tourmaline heart.

Labradorite. This fosforescent mineral can be considered a Canadian opal.

A rheutilated quartz sphere, blue goldstone, and a string of lava beads will all make great jewelry and mandalas.

Agat slabs for pendants. These ones with the crystaline centres will be great for hanging a secondary crystal in the centre.

Right corner: Herkimer diamonds, Left side: Petrified wood, Top Centre: Moonstone (this one is for me), and a string of Goldstone.

I picked up Cam some new (magnetic) balls at the show!


RheLynn said...

Wow Candy is getting so big now and truly strange what the crystal did to the photo. You got some beautiful gems and rocks at the show! I love the sculptures as well, always amazed by the intricate lines in a 3-D medium (love drawing them in 2-D as well ;)

Congratulations on your weight loss progress, too!

Mother of Invention said...

I have always wanted to go to that! We'll be staying in Bancroft this Thurs. night on our way to the Quebec log cabins.