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What do you get when you take a great country band, a birthday, and their Angel-child who is a star in her own right.......hundreds of people...........a farm in the middle of no where in Canada........pickers, grinners and dancers....and have them converge for a reunion to never forget?



(click on photos to make them bigger and view the 3 videos!)

Teenagers think they are the only folks who know how to party.
No way!
This is the reunion party put on to welcome Gord and Audie Henry for the annual reunion.

The past few years their daughter Kristin Scott has been the main entertainment.
Canada is filled with hidden talent.
You will meet the best of the best today.

The players left to right:
Doug Dietrich on Pedal Steel Guitar, Jimmy Nellis on Fiddle, Steve Strong on Lead Guitar and vocals, Cliff Lalonde on Drums and vocals, and Gary Heaslip on Bass and Vocals.

Kristin Scott steals the show with her angelic voice!

This Video will make your mouth fall open!
The greatest fiddle player of all time shows his stuff!
Watch Jimmy Nellis play Orange Blossom Special.

Audie blesses us with her songs too!
She is almost retired and she sings like a 20 year old!
She really is a Shining Star!

This was so special to us because our friends Cliff and Ann were able to have all their family there.
We have one of those six degrees of separation thing with this family. They are intertwined with our extended family so the lines fade quickly and we become emotionally related.
Cliff's family is from the Cornwall to Morrisburg area along the St. Lawrence river on the edge of the Ottawa valley, and they are friends with very very close friends from my childhood.
Ann's family is from Toronto, like us, and Ann and I actually crossed paths in business in the early 80's. In 1991 we became friends.

Cliff was the drummer in Red Bandana then, and I used to get to play fiddle with them once in a while. Then we shared venues in two separate bands. My band was upstairs and Red Bandana were downstairs.

This is Cliff and Ann, who have been our closest friends who are a couple. We vacation with them and they share in intimate family events with us.

The crowd is gathering to hear the band.
The Horse Barn was converted to a stage room, and the paddock gates were open to allow it all to spill out into the field.

The guys opened up the show and got the stage movin.
Kristin lead the band and really lit up the stage with her presence.
Take advantage of the videos here and now, cuz you are seeing the beginning of huge career that is building.
We will see her in Nashville soon.

How did all this begin?
In the 70's Gord and Audie Henry and their country music band were the prize of the Grand Valley Ontario.
They filled to capacity every venue they played.
Folks looked forward to their weekends so they could go dancing to the music of this great band!

Gord and Audie played with Canadian stars like Al Cherney, one of the greatest fiddlers and fiddle music composers in the world.

Gary Buck, the Canadian Country Crooner also shared the stage with them.

And their children were always with them. Exposed to the music from birth Kristin is destined to be a Star!

And in the early '80's the Henry family moved to Texas for business, and the folks of the Grand Valley lost their favourite band to the USA.

Big John who is a cousin by marriage shared in the joy of the entertainment through the '70's.
Upon his '60th birthday he decided he wanted a huge party for all the fans who were like him and missed the Henry family.
So Gord and Audie, and their kids have come ever since to have the RAVE and celebrate Good Ole Canadian Country Music!

(Big John is the gentleman in the black stetson)

The crowd grows

Left to Right: Ann's Mom, Cliff's 90 yr old Aunt, Cliffs Sister Brenda and her Husband Glen, and in the fore ground is Cliff's sister Marlene.

Ann's Mom

The people keep coming!

Doug Dietrich and Jimmy Nellis

Gary Heaslip

Cliff Lalonde

Steve Strong and Kristin Scott

Right to left:
Debbie's daughter, Ann, Marlene and her husband Gerald, Brenda Son Ryan and his girlfriend Brittany, and across from Ann is Ann's sister Jill
Carl is at the next table in the black Tshirt and hat.

The Food Line

Big John's family were the great chefs of the party

Sausages and Hamburgers, Corn on the Cob and Salad fixins

Folks came from afar with their giant RVs

Cliff and Ann dancing with Rebecca the Maltese.

The girl with the dark hair at the back is Marlene and Gerald's Daughter Laurie.

What we all were waiting for. Audie blessed us with a few songs before dinner.

The dancers hopped up and took over the floor!
Suddenly it was soo crowded.

Jimmy wound us up with his fiddling!

Joe Firth who is a cousin of Gord Henry, who also had a hit band in the 70's called The Promised Land, came and played for us too.

Laurie and Gerald dancin' and Kristin's Daughter kicks it to the band with her Grandma Audie Henry.

It was packed in their as night fell and the lights came on. Rubin, Ann's brother in Law is in the red striped shirt.

The outside field was packed! All these folks fill clubs and arenas and fairs through the 70's and 80's to see the players.

Gary Heaslip sings some great songs.

The dancers really gave us a show.

Kristen, then Joe Firth plays, and Gord and Audie Henry Close the Show!

Gord and Audie Henry Close the show with a revival of song.

Until Next Year!


TorAa said...

Wow - what a party. I would so like to join it.

And you are so correct - teenagers don't know at all what a real party is about - they realize later - as we all do.

An excellent reportage. (My line in the summerhouse is a bit slow, so the movies come only in --- stop --- stop, but I will listen a watch when I have a faster connection).

PS. I have served dessert for you on my WW. Hope you enjoy with all recipes from around the world

Lynn said...

Thanks ToraA it is great to have all this food for the summer!

RheLynn said...

Yes it does look like a wonderful party and gathering of close friends and families! How great you can all share the music and old times with so many generations now!

Mother of Invention said...

Guess they and you have all been to the Shelbourne Fiddle Festival? I love The Orange Blossom Special!
Doing Potato festival this weekend!