Friday, August 03, 2007

Fame Me!

RennyBa sent me a note asking me to Fame him.
In doing so I was able to register myself in the Blogging To Fame contest which runs until November.

This is a cool way to check out how the trends lead blogging along to find the top 9 bloggers.
RennyBA says you vote for me and I will vote for you.

I think that is a great philosophy!
Please come and Fame me, and I will Fame you!

It might take two weeks for me to get my widget to link right to my profile, so please search for me by clicking on the icon below.

Do you want your blog to have the same chance as us? You can register your blog by clicking on the icon below!

If you are a blogger that has signed up for Fame Me and has not received their personal widget yet, and would like the other Fame Me bloggers to vote for you, please sign the linky.
This way we can seek you out on the list and vote for you even if you are waiting to be evaluated!

If you are a blogger with your Fame Me voting widget in place, please sign up too and we will vote for you through the widget on your blog!

Good Luck to everyone participating in Fame Me!

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