Thursday, August 09, 2007

Holiday Monday Meant Relaxation And Crabs

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First I have new video footage of the crabs eating pineapple:


Then in the afternoon we set off to Toronto to visit Grum and Papa (my parents)
Dad BBQ'd steak, as we relaxed on the deck.

Cam was sooo relaxed he fell asleep on the swing.
Going to Grum and Papas will equal a nap for someone in the family.
They just have one of those comfortable spaces you can rest in.

There house is a bungalow with a florida room on the back and a wrap around deck.

We planted the spruce trees in the corners of the yard in 1990. When they were planted they were 1/2 metre tall. Now they are higher than the roof!

In the summer the Florida room is screened in, and in the winter they put windows in, so they can use it in the winter too.

Dads garden in the front of the house is really lovely.
His feature is Cana Lillies. Those reddish large leaved plants.

Oh those steaks are huge!
At night my parents garden features evening primrose opening as the sun goes down.


RheLynn said...

Very pretty house and garden!

Teena said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Those steaks look goooood!

Your crabs are very spoiled. Pineapple one day ... peanut butter another. You'll have to take them to the gym with you soon to work off all the extra weight they're putting on.

Lynn said...

Heheheh Teena I just have to get them bigger shells.

RennyBA said...

What an interesting crab vid - you know I love them!

What a great BBQ gathering - thanks for sharing with all this lovely pics!

Btw: I've Famed both You and Your Blog - won't you consider Faming Mine?

PS: Why don't you come over hand have A Rockin' Bigger Bang with me:-)

Mother of Invention said...

I've always loved the idea of a Florida room. We have our summer bedroom but it's not the same since we can only use it for 6 months. What the heck is a Lanai? Remember on Golden Girls?

TorAa said...

OK Ok - That's enough - after nearly 2 months rain
Well we manage, even our cats.

Lynn said...

Here we have had two months of drought. Three rain showers were just misty and didn't last long enough.