Thursday, November 15, 2007

Have I Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth?
No. I Have Been In New England Attending The Earth Spirit Conference, And Visiting Some Sacred Space.

Please follow along for the next few days to see where my journeys took me, who I was with, what I learned, and what cool experiences I had.

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On November 1st, 2007 my friend and PSICAN counterpart Tere, and I hopped into her little white car in the wee hours of the morning and took off for the border!

We were doing our best impression of Thelma and Louise. Sans the white ascot.
We had all our gear in tow, and our sun glasses ready for sun rise, and our cooler full of snacks.
Our hearts were full of longing to see the freedom of the sun in the Mountains of Vermont!

A weekend of science and spirituality awaited us. Plus the anticipation of great shopping at TJ Maxx!
Ok, ok, so we are not orthodox spirituality folk. Yes, we were guided to sacred sites.....and some of them included malls!
Who said spirit travelers couldn't hunt sparkley stuff and couldn't buy stuff to make them look good!?

We crossed the border from Ontario to NY state at Niagara Falls.
As we drove across I90 the sun began to rise.

Tere and I were in good spirits and the weather was lovely! The roads were in great shape and we were on schedule. Click on the video below and enjoy.

To the North of us in NY are the Adirondack Mountains.
We could spy the Appalachian Mountain foothills to the East as we traveled East across NY state. There is a definite escarpment on the border of Mass. and NY where the two mountain ranges meet.
Oh Herkimer NY was a great place! I am going back next year to the mine.
In the adjacent town to Herkimer NY is the farm where the Herkimer Diamonds were discovered. You can to to the mine and take out your own Herkimer Diamonds.

I took lots of pics of the houses and fields and fall colours that still remained.

This is an interesting pic of a crane that drops down from above to repair a bridge.

Just before Albany we head NE towards Troy NY.
We arrive in Troy and cheer, for it is only minutes to Bennington VT.
This is Troy NY.

We are in VT.
We are following RT 9 to 100North, to go to Bolton Valley VT.
This is Bennington.

We are in Wilmington VT.
We are stopping at a shop Tere knows.
The Hundredth Monkey is a great shop.
It has Naturo and Health products plus organic food and vegetarian food in its grocery.
I picked up some salve for my foot. (I tore a nerve in it a few weeks ago when the car door slammed on my foot)
You can't tell by the photo, but it was snowing here.
We walked out to a wet snow.

This picture is a taste of what we will visit and learn about over the next week.
Sacred sites. Stone Circles. Crop Circles. And the Mystery of belief and science.

By now, you have figured out I am fascinated by steeples. In North America the steeples are the first thing one sees on the horizon when we travel from town to town. Our land here is so vast, one can drive for hours without seeing signs of any civilization. Towns can be many many miles apart. Neighbours can be miles and miles apart. We take this space for granted. We don't appreciate what freedom is represented by this space.

Throughout this trip I took lots of photos of homes. Just to show you the great wooden structures that can be as old as 200 yrs in some places. Our urban sprawl is all brick and siding. Wood really represents history. Of course some homes are circa 21st century and built in the theme of the old days.

More silly video as we wind along the mountain roads.

I love catching the sun doing crazy things in my viewfinder.

Driving up, up, up. We climb higher and higher in altitude through the mountains.

The majestic mountain hills erupt before us. The vibration of the earth is compelling us to come closer and closer.
You really need to click on the photo below. You cannot tell how big the mountains are in the distance because they look like grey sky. It was an awesome view!

Then Mother Nature gives us a gift.
She opens the sky with the perfect spectacle.

A perfect picture of a perfect day.
12 hours has passed.
We curve around the mountains.
The settlements are like ghostly blurs. Misty haze swallows the homes.
The mountains break open the sky and the sun comes back.
But we know that night is coming soon.

The shadows are getting longer.
The sun sets creating a beautiful picture for us.
Sun rise to Sun set.

As we climb higher we elude the sun set, rising higher and higher.
But the rays are putting fire in the clouds to remind us sun set will catch up with us.

We left home at 5:00AM and arrived at the resort at 7:30PM. There were two lengthy stops. One in Herkimer NY and one in Wilmington VT. I expect we wasted 2hrs shopping.

Darkness fell as we climbed the mountain road in Bolton Valley to the resort.
Bolton Valley Resort
This is my room.
Tere's room was next door and basically a mirror image of mine.

I have my drawer alter all set

I picked up a crystal ball in Herkimer NY, and a really cool lite stand for it.

It is like stars shine in the ball

This is the outside of the resort.

Day 2

Morning began with a cafe breakfast then registration for the conference and an outline of the schedule and then there was free time till lunch.
Free Time! Oh wow! You know what that means! SHOPPING! After these photos we took off to Williston VT to The Christmas Tree Shops and TJ Maxx

No! You don't see Tere on the porch. It is a figment of your imagination. (cuz I was not supposed to catch her by surprise in a photo)
Bolton Valley is a ski resort.
The ski lift was right out my window.
They are just starting up their season. The snow making was going to begin the following week.
As long as it is cold the resort will build a snow base over a foot thick in preparation for the big snow to fall.
The resort is on the top of the mountain. There are some time-share condos and private homes just below the resort, and few homes near the foot of the mountain.

The view was fabulous!
I am saving the great view for tomorrow.


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