Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Can Actually Type Now!

All of my other posts over the past 6 months have been built a few sentences at a time because of my crappy shoulder injury.
This week I can finally actually type with stamina.

I won't be coming back to the blog and internet world for a little bit longer yet though. I have decided not to rush back to the webby ventures including the craft business just yet. I have another surgery to be done on April 7th and this could be a rough one, so I am not gonna get everything all started only to have to stop for the surgery and then make everyone watch me stall again in recovery, so I will wait until the surgery is done to return to my webby ventures of writing the blog and working on the Gallery site until I am feeling really well.

I will be putting the Etsy shop on Vacation from the Easter Weekend for a few weeks, so if you want something from the shop I suggest you order it now, or you may not be able to see it when the shop in on vacation for a week or two.

This week is the first week since September, that I have been able to touch my left arm with my right hand. A step in the right direction.
I don't have full use of my arm yet, but the typing thing is no longer painful and sloppy, so typing is working out.

If you need to be freshly informed you can join my Facebook where I do post a sentence a day or so.....
Otherwise you can expect me back as soon as I am comfortable after my next surgery.

I will ask one of my Son's to update my Facebook on surgery day for me, if I cannot post from my cell phone.

My next surgery is complicated. I have to have my two ovaries removed and I could lose a kidney in the process of the removal, so we just are not sure how it is all going to go until the day of....
I will be in hospital for this one, and not on day surgery.

They will be operating on my kidney ureter/s, my ovaries, my bladder and urethra and they will also be re-excising the site from Dec 2nd as the pathology did not come clean on that surgery.

It all could go without a hitch or it could become really complicated because I have loads of scar tissue from the multiple past abdominal surgeries I have had since 1987. Worst case scenario is I could end up losing my kidneys my bladder and some of my bowel if the scar tissue is too entwined in everything. Best case scenario is that they can get through the scar tissue with the laprascope and grab the ovaries without messing around with anything else and it is in and out quick quick quick.
I figure I will end up getting cut after they try to go with the laprascope, but my circulation will be good and allow the major tubes and organs to be saved, just taking the ovaries which are apparently a mess. I am putting in this footnote to see if I am correct come the day.......(kinda prediction of sorts).

These next couple of weeks are being spent in physio therapy and with extending my walking and doing pelvic floor exercises like super keegles. I have learn elevator keegling from the physio gals and I have to them all the time. I swear going to physio is a tough as when I had a personal trainer at the gym! They are killin me! But I am improving nicely now.

Some folks know that I have loosely began to prep for the Toronto walk for Cancer. No one has had me asking for donations yet, as I don't want to start all this fund raising to have to stop for a period of time to recover from yet another surgery, so I have postponed my official fund raising and official registration until after the surgery.
Until I am told by a medical professional that I cannot do this walk (once I have had the surgery) my plan is to train like I am doing it.

So be prepared. If I am well enough to see the 1day walk or the 2day walk is an attainable goal you will see some fund raising starting some time in May. The official date of the walk is the weekend of Sept 11th and 12th. I want to have a team. So if you are interested in walking with me you need to look at the official site for the walk for woman's cancers in Toronto so you can see what you have to commit to.

If I remember correctly from my meeting with the walk people, each person has to commit to
$1000.00 dollars in official fundraising for the one day walk, or $2500.00 for the two day walk.
You get an official site for yourself or the team to fund raise from. where folks can donate directly to the foundation, and the donation money gets used right away by the Princes Margaret Hospital Research. It does not get held until Sept 2010 before it is passed on to the Hospital.

Why am a using this walk as a goal? Because I have walked the patient of cancer hallway way too long:
1993-hysterectomy- two separate cancers at same time
2009-VIN3-vulver cancer
2010- VIN3 re-excision, polycystic ovarian disease with signs of ovary enlargement bilateral and ureter distress and urethra distress- sweep for cancer is necessary

(oh and by the way I don't smoke, and never have. This is some crappy genetic marker not a lifestyle issue)