Thursday, September 09, 2010

Silence Does Not Mean Idle!

This summer has been a time for catching up, shaping up and stepping up.

My Son and I took on a huge task of participating in the Toronto Walk For Women's Cancers and a great deal of our time has been spent fundraising and training.

This weekend is the walk and we are going to have a blast.

I will have pictures and stuff later!

I have not been idle in the studio, but I have had to change my working and my vocation for a bit, as I am still plagued by this stupid frozen shoulder! It will soon be a year since the fateful injury.
I have had to hang up my knitting and reduce greatly my needle felting for the most part of 2010. I have done one needle felted piece so far, and I soon will release a new line of cobweb felted (nuno felted, or wet felted) scarves and accessories and shawls)
This hot hot summer was perfect for wet felting and I have taken advantage of the weather to move the studio outdoors and do most of my wet felting in the garden.

I will release the new line for October 1st.
I will give you a taste of the new line now and show you my prize work!
This shawl is called: The Flower Of Hope
It was inspired by all of the folks we got to meet and share our story with through our Cancer Charity fundraising, as I survived two surgeries this winter to overcome a cancer re-occurrence from cancer I had in 1993.

The piece took me 15 hours to make. It is so big I had to piece and tape tons of bubble wrap together and felt the whole works on my driveway!

The huge daisy blossom takes over the piece. It is made of wool and silk fibers. It is extremely lite weight and so so warm! I wore it out in some rain and it kept me dry too! (I had to quality control test it! Plus I wanted everyone to get to see me in it once before some deserving sole buys it up!)

So here is your earlybird preview of the shawl! It will sell for $200.00 and will have free shipping.

If you want to buy it up before everyone gets a chance you will have to contact me quick so I can make it a reserved sale! The funds for this item will be added to my Walk For Women's Cancer fundraising. If someone buys it before this Friday they will get a 2010 tax receipt for it.

This is just a reminder too that everything sold in my Etsy shop except for the Lop-eared Lulu bunny will have its proceeds donated to the Walk For Women's Cancer Charity until the end of September.

October 1st to January 31 the proceeds will go to Motivated Motion to buy supplies for the following year.

The shawl will remain in the Charity section of the shop until it is sold, and it is guaranteed always to have its proceeds go to the charity. And Lop-Eared Lulu bunny proceeds go to an animal rescue, foster and adoption charity in York Region.