Sunday, October 28, 2007

At This Time Of Year I Do Offend People

Ok, it is time for me to explain something about being the Psychic who clears ghosts out of haunted houses.

Yes I do this, and Yes I know that there have been articles published about me.

And Yes, I do volunteer this service.

Around Halloween, I get overwhelmed by the number of folks who suddenly have a problem. I do understand that in a real haunting situation things can escalate at this time, as the veil is thinnest between the worlds at this time, but honestly, if you have been watching the Screem Channel Horror Marathon, and decide only then that you are haunted....I am not the one to call on a whim.

I really do know the difference between a real haunting or not, just by talking to a person on the phone, or by having a meeting with the person, or reading their answers to my email questions. You must remember I have a real-life team that helps me, and they are my family. Plus, I have a handful of my personal Spirit Guides that tell me how it is as well. I get a remote psychic picture of what is happening to a person or family when I put it "out there" to my guides.

The folks who wish to have me clear out their hauntings, and folks who wish to interview me must know before they hit that email button that:

My Motto: "To know me is to face Truth"

1)You will be questioned by me about your intent and the incident/s

2)I must interrogate you to drag out the information I need about the haunting to be able to assess the situation. For no one volunteers the details I need to understand what is happening to a person or family. I will ask about medication, emotional states of the members of the household, separation and divorce, drug addiction, abuse, run aways,etc. Plus questions of the details of the haunting/s

3)I have been doing this a long time, and I do know the natural things in life that can cause something to seem like a haunting, so if I suggest certain home repairs or to check a certain pipe in the toilet then it comes from years of experience as a psychic investigator, and knowing the difference between a metaphysical incident and a birds nest in the toilet vent. I also have been haunted, and have seen the worst of the worst and scariest real haunting incidents, and they are not mirrors of what you see on TV, so I know the difference from someone who wants to mimic something they see on TV, and what actually happens in a haunting. The difference is like day and night.

4)Every haunting is different. Every worry within a haunting situation is unique, so I make sure I have lots of details so I can help folks the best I can. So I ask reams and reams of questions. I have two goals in mind: A)keep the people at ease and help them understand first B)If after the folks understand exactly what is happening and why the the ghost is there, then if they still choose a clearing I will do my best to clear it. If it is unruly I will have an action plan B and C. Plus a support system in place for folks dealing with this.

5)The teams that come out with me are volunteer. I am not going to waste their time on a garbage call. So I will do a long assessment before I prep a team to come to a cleaning. I don't address requests from minor aged children.

6)If you expect me to come in with a hocus pocus box of tricks......I don't. My method is old fashioned and simple.

7)All those whom I clear a home for will take part in the clearing. I will teach them to do the clearing so they are empowered and uplifted and no longer scared. This is so important. So if you just want to leave it to me to clear the place......I won't be coming.

8)If you have been dabbling in things you should not have been dabbling in, like trying some weird thing you read in a book without apprenticing in the arts, then you may find I am not willing to come and visit your ghost. This is not always the case, but I am not interested in clearing what I don't know. I talk to my Spirit Guides, and if they cannot give me a clear picture of what you are up to there. I won't be coming. If you don't understand why, then you need to start studying "entity", "tulpa", Portals etc. Don't open anything you don't know how to close is my advice. I do come clear those things spoke about above, but I really look at the intent of the person who is working in this area and the situation that occurred very carefully.

9)Don't ask me to do anything on Halloween. I don't do it. I am not a sideshow.

10)If you have a haunting and you are serious about it then my advice is: Details, details, details. I want to know what has been happening for the past three weeks, and the past three months. I will not come out for 5 incidents that have spanned over 20 years. Journal all of the incidents, and I want you to tell me these details.

11)Last thing: I live in Ontario Canada. I am not the guy who owns Virgin records, or the guy who owns Microsoft. I am not some wealthy Debutant who can fly myself all over the world because you might be haunted. I get requests for clearing hauntings from all over the world. So, if you are a wealthy Debutant who is haunted and you want me to fly to your city with my team to clear your home then you can send your private Jet to Buttonville to pick us up.

So ends my venting because of the Halloween influx of Ghosty Apparitions of the mind.

Oh Halloween Is Coming.....and an update on Drowning Girl

Well, Halloween is just around the corner, and I still don't know what I am going to post for it.
I want to write up something interesting, but I am spraining my brain trying to figure out what to write.

If you think that I might know something interesting you want me to share, let me know.

Update on Drowning Girl

So far, Drowning Girl has been in the lead for the better part of the week, and has held strong.
Halloween is the end of it, and we will know by November 1st, I believe, if they are going on tour in Germany.

It is so exciting!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Drowning Girl

(I am honouring my "six degrees of separation" with a plea to all of my readers, but especially my readers located in Germany.)

How Does the Canadian Indie band Drowning Girl connect to Lynn Tucker blogger?

Lynn Tucker is the Mom of Cam Tucker the former lead singer and lyricist for the Indie Metal Band Fall The Loss. Cam Tucker is not only a lead vocalist, but is actually a very well-trained know...Drummer. Cam Tucker took Drum Lessons from Jesse Porter for several years. Jesse Porter's partner is Nicole Dente-musician, and songwriter and activist. Nicole Dente is friends of Alex Tucker, Cam Tucker's older brother, and Lynn Tucker's other Son, the Owner of Automatic Pixel Productions. The mutual relationship of Nicole and Jesse to our whole family blossomed into friendship. Lynn and her husband Carl do their best to support all endeavors of the group of friends at large. Oh and Jesse Porter joined a group as a drummer. Actually a band called Drowning Girl on the cusp of the band's breakout into the international market. So that is how Lynn Tucker is attached to Drowning Girl through "six degrees of separation". (giggle)

Sure that was cute and fun, but my request is genuine and serious.
(click on the poster of Drowning Girl to see it bigger, cuz the rules are on the poster)

Drowning Girl is competing in the international music market right now. As we speak they are awaiting German votes to win a serious competition to get concert time in Germany. So Hail all Bloggers in Germany! I need you to vote today! Please Please Please. I need you to vote for Drowninig Girl so another Canadian band can entertain the world!!!!! I believe the German IP's are the ones being tallied. So we need German support so you all can see this band live where you live!

Please tell your friends about this post! Especially if your friends live in Germany. I hope that if they tell two friends, their friends will tell two friends, and their friends will tell two friends and so on....and so on....and so on.....

You can go to the site to vote here.,3044,OID4332458_POL4334636_SIX4_REF2158,00.html

(You need to log in, so please go to the HOME and create a REGISTRATION and then get the link they send you in email....then go to MUSIK and click the INTERNATIONAL YOUNG STARS and then vote for DROWNING GIRL.)

There are great music samples on the German site, but if you want more I have it for you below, in vidoes!

For more neat-o Drowning Girl information please go to their MySpace HERE

*Thank You So So Much!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wanna Learn From My Private Teacher?

Yep, you heard it right. My Son Al is now blogging his latest tutorial information out here in Net Land for everyone to learn from!

Most of you have heard the story before. You can review how I learned....HERE

Al owns Automatic Pixel Productions. He is a web developer.
He has started his own blog to help you understand this Network world and its tools much better! If he can help me learn how to do all this, he can help anyone.

Go to his blog by clicking HERE

Monday, October 08, 2007

My Website Is Up And Running!

Well it took a long time, but we have the website up which is dedicated to my invention called Swirl-Locks and Swirl-tips, and some hand-made crafts!

I have been marketing the Knitting tools exclusively in the retail store called Knit or Knot.
I will continue to do this. Knit or Knot will have the exclusive retail option. So if you live in the Toronto area and want these nifty tools and you are nervous about internet shopping, then you can go to Aurora Ontario to Knit or Knot and get them!

All my sales links go to my Ebay posts.
I have "Nanny Tucker's Hand-made Doilies" up in already. I just don't have them on my website yet!

If you are looking for me on I am lynntucker43 .
This week we will be adding knitting demos onto the front page of the Website, and I will update them a few times a month.

I am so proud of Carl and Alex for doing the site. This is Carl's first ever attempt at building a site, and Alex taught him how to do it.


Click this icon below to go to my Website

You will notice I am advertising my friends' businesses on my and .ca site. If you are one of my online friends that I do business with, and you would like to do a link exchange for your site, please email me. I am pimping folks I know, or I am real-life friends with.


Here are the pics of what is for sale.
See them for sale Here

See Swirl-locks for sale HERE

See Swirl-Tips for sale HERE


See doilies for sale Here

Please check out page two of my Website for Demos of the Swirl-locks and Swirl-Tips!

In 2005 I got a permanent brain injury from Shingles of the Brain. I had a 24/7 grade 9 (pain level) headaches/migraines and I lost my ability to remember random immediate events and I could not speak properly.

Before this incident I had a photographic memory, and I suffered from type A personality big-mouth-edness. After the incident I had no immediate memory and I was plagued with verbal affasia.

My confidence was shot. The first 9 months were horrible, but as the Dr's began to map out the damage and find ways to curb the pain, I also got bored. I had no stamina, so my Sons suggested I try out stuff on the computer. It was difficult. I used to be an online editor, it wasn't like I was unknowledgable, but the knowledge was locked in my brain, and I didn't have the access code any more.

Al took me under his wing. He realized that I could no longer learn in my old ways, so he figured out how to teach me by adapting to my new learning skills.
By March 2006 I was ready to come back to the real world, but I still didn't have the stamina to visit with friends and family, or to talk on the phone. I needed my own time frame, and I needed to do something I could work at only 20 min at a time.

Al and Cam suggested I blog. Al sent me a couple of web sites so I could choose what kind of blog. He explained that Word Press might be the best for control, but I could not learn my HTML skills fast enouogh to use it. So I chose Blogger. The old template Blogger world.

For three months Al worked one-on-one with me teaching me a little bit of code at a time, and encouraged me to write, write, write. I was deemed unable to be productive at a job or to learn because of my disability. But Al taught me.

How did he do it? He watched me. He figured out how I could learn best in the situation, and he didn't give me too much information at one time. Then he had me do practical examples in my template so I could see fruitful results.

I learned the basic rules of code, so I could look for my own mistakes, and I spent a lot of tearful days scoping out my errors and fixing them. And only if I spent way too much time on a problem did Al step in and save me. He let me work it out most of the time on my own, because he knew I had to learn to use different parts of my brain to rationalize and map out a problem, and only letting me actually do it would train my brain.

So it is 2007. I have made a huge turn around in my abilities on here. I still have memory issues, but not near the problems I used to have because I have retrained my brain with Al's help.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh The Flu, The Flu!

Well, I have been nursing the flu since Sunday.
I thought it was just a cold, but when I became plagued by fever after fever from Monday to Wednesday morning I am thinking Flu.

I am beginning to feel better this afternoon. I have been sleeping in for my health, and I am trying my best to eat well.

Most who have been following along know that my diet has removed a lot of fruit from my daily eating to speed up my metabolism. I have been eating the way the Dr wants me to, but since I got sick I have added berries to my diet. I figure if I am gonna eat anything I am craving while sick, the fruit is the least invasive. I know I have had a considerable weight loss this month, and since I have been sick I have still noticed signs of weight loss. Perhaps tonight I will actually get on the scales.

My friend had this go into her chest. I am much more fortunate than that. I only got the stuffy head. I am hoping that marking the sundown today with no fever is the means to an end of it for me now.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Ok So Who's Bright Idea Was It To Move Canadian Thanksgiving To The First Weekend In October?

My whole life, Canadian Thanksgiving has been the second weekend in October. Now, for some unGodly reason it is the first one!

Darn thing has snuck up on us!

I don't even have a bird yet!
Next we will be having Christmas on the US Thanksgiving weekend.

I think that it is the craft company Michaels that did it. By having Thanksgiving early they can suck every penny out of the crafters for fall stuff in August cuz it all has to be finished by the end of September. Then they can get an early jump on Halloween, and have us thinking Yuletide decorations for October 31st!

I haven't even finished my summer knitting, let alone get going on the fall! Oh and I cannot even think about Christmas............and the knitted Nativity scene I want to make and the Knitted Yule Calendar. Oh boy! I am behind again!

Speaking of behind. My butt is getting smaller and smaller still. I am crankin' past the 46lb mark and hoping to end October past the 50lb mark. I am dawning the Year 1999 wardrobe. Stuff that fit in June is HUGE.