Sunday, February 25, 2007

On This Day Jaden Was Blessed And Welcomed Into The Catholic Church
Her Baptism

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Hey Andre,

I know you are concerned about me not replying to your emails.
I have been all along, and I assure you that your updated email is on the list for updates of this blog.
But I believe, when your company changed to the new email service addresses, there may have been a higher level spam security put on.
Even my replies to your email are not getting through. If this becomes something we cannot solve I can do all of the emails through my sympatico mail.

Sorry to worry you ,



Some of you may recall that last spring we were awaiting the birth of dear Jaden. And at 9 months of age we joined Erin and Graham for her Baptism today.

She is a blessed child. One conceived with alot of prayer and IVF.

I believe that, as a healer, my being able to help Graham and Erin through IVF to conceive this lovely child was a blessing that I personally received from God. For I was at the height of my disablility when they became in need. I believe with all my heart that being able to aid them in preparation for the conception of this child was the beginning of my own physical recovery. As much as Erin and Graham were blessed with this little girl, I was blessed and healed enough to promote my own recovery by her conception.

You can tell by the people pushing in to capture moments of the Baptism, that there are also many others who are close to Erin and Graham that also feel blessed by this child. This truely is a girl raised by a village. And the Village is raised up because of her.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thanks For The Great Photo Dad!
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Oh I know I posted that I was too busy to post this week, but this photo came my way and I just had to show it!

This morning, Carl and I opened our emails to find what I think is the best winter picture on my blog yet. I think you will say it is one of the best pictures on a blog you have seen this winter.

Once in a while Dad takes great pictures I love to share on here. This is like Dad blogging by proxy. (HehHeh)

Below here is one of mine from this morning.

Wow it is so fluffy! Really pretty snow. When we get big flakes we know it is warming up.
But our air is as ared as the desert right now, that is why the snow is not heavy.
In Canada our winters may get snow, but the extension of days with temperatures of -14, -19, -20, and -30 degrees Celcius suck the moisture out of our air. Dry, Dry Dry.
For those that don't get snow, it is like the desert and our skin is dry, our houses are static filled, and we need lots of water to drink. We are forced to humidify our homes with machines that put water back in the air for our comfort. Those on the coast can count on rain through the winter. Here, inland we get no rain in the winter at all. We get rainfall in the end of March or early April. January is usually our coldest month, and February is our snow storm month.

March can have sub-zero temperatures or we can have temperatures as warm as 20 degrees Celcius.

For some quick references: 20 degrees Celcius is about 71F
0 degrees Celcius is 32F

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No Posts Till Sunday

Upp. It is a very busy weekend for me. I have alot of appointments all week. I don't expect to be posting until, probably, Sunday.
Have a great week and weekend!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Year of the Pig

On Saturday I attended the New Moon Meditation which incorporated the Chinese New Year education as well. I found out that from now to the Full Moon on March the 3rd we are supposed to strive towards our goals of prosperity. Lots of prosperity. Prosperity to share with everyone.
In my faith this time is also a time of strong self growth. As we shed away the the last residues of the crone and prepare for expansion of the new queen as budding begins.

Moebius Design Shawl

This weekend was full for me. On Saturday I took a class on the Moebius design knitting style. Moebius is a term used to describe a line that turns on itself and is continuous. Like how an apple peel falls if you trim it off the apple with a knife in a swirl, or use a peeling tool.

Moebius knitting projects knit two edges (opposing) at the same time. So I am knitting the shawl from the middle outwards. You can see that now I am knitting with a thick blue/green fibre and it is coming out on the garment on the two edges.

There is one twist in the pattern which will keep a nice feature in the front of the garment.

I am using 9 colours cut into 25 metre pieces. Two 25 metre pieces for each colour.
This is done on a 1metre round needle and this fills the needle.
The cast on is very different, and is complicated at first for even a seasoned knitter.
Once the cast on is perfected, this style quickly becomes a favourite!


My plants are telling me spring is coming. Buds and blooms and long shoots are climbing to take in more light

Friday, February 16, 2007

Today's Theme: Antique
I am no longer an antique, I have moved to the 21st century!

What sets off the geek's freak!

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The New Motivated Motion

Laptop with full video capability. Duo monitors and a tablet.

Core duo processor with windows Vista.

That flat square thing has its own intelligence. The pen there is my mouse and I swing it in the air to move the curser!

I predict many hours of crying in frustration as I figure it all out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Innovations In Toronto General Hospital For Lung Transplant Patients!

My buddy, Merv Sheppard has written a great article about an amazing announcement that was made yesterday!
Merv is a long time transplant recipient who works tirelessly to create news letters and updates for the patients and care givers of the Lung Tranplant Program in Ontario.
He interacts with every patient at some time during their care, and he is our bridge once a patient has gone back home after recovery.
He spends all of his time "giving back" to the program that saved his life, and helps patients see the positive when they may be having a rough time.
You will learn alot from his blog.

Please take the time to go to his blog today and read his article on North America's First Artificial Lung!
To go to Merv's blog click here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And In The Wee Hours Of Valentine's Day
The Snow Fell Down

It is predictable that on February 14th there will be a storm here in Ontario. Sometimes the 14 is one, in the middle of several days in a row of the storms.

This winter we have been a little light on the snowfall. A winter where no snow of any accumulation fell before the middle of January. And once the first snow came we actually finally got frost into the ground.

So I was up in the wee hours of the morning to take some virgin snow photos.
Once the morning came, the machinery was out, and the snow was was scarred so we could move around.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Have Created My Own Cafe Press Shop
(Oh and Motivated Motion Passed the 10,000 readers mark this week! ........w00t!)

I am a Cafe Press shopper.
I have been shopping at this great online shop since last year.
So far I have purchased great Masonic T shirts for my Dad (who is super size) and my Husband (who is regular)
I have also purchased mugs, coasters, stickers, magnets, mousepads, and licence plate covers.

The quality of the items is great!
There is great security on the site, and I got the products sent to me from the USA sooner than I expected!

I made my first purchase through another blogger's site, and I thought it was a great idea to allow bloggers to affiliate. So now I have done it. I put adds in the my sidebar with subjects just for my readers! If you don't see what you want to see tell me in comments and I will add an add display for it.

Each time you look at the blog you will get to see new stuff for each subject.

So far, you can find shops for these subjects down my sidebar:

Crafters with Kitties
Leet Haxors
Retired Cops

To see more stuff click on any of my Cafe Press Shops.
I am not doing this for nothing. If you shop I get commissioned.
I hope you have fun shopping. I know I do! BLOG-ON!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Coming Full Circle
The Testiment To Blogging

I wrote the 5 reasons that I blog meme recently.
I have received alot of nice comments and emails from it.

This little note is not about it especially, but about the effect of blogging.
I think that most of the bloggers I network with share similar benefits from blogging.
Number one would be the fact that we get to share information.
Information that interests us, and we think that others would benefit from as well.

Today a really neat thing happened.
I received an email from Australia.
A fellow scrapbooker was hoping I may be able to give her some advice about some specific shopping here in my home town area!

Her Husband is here in my area visiting his parents who are from a town close by, and she wanted to be able to guide her hubby to a place to shop to purchase a specific scrapbooking accessory.

I know what the accessory is and I was really excited to be able to tell her where her husband could make his purchase, right here in my home town!

From Australia to Newmarket, Ontario, Canada......necessary information is shared, and a husband can bring his wife back a really awesome prezzie that she really really wants!

This is blogging come full circle for sure!

Well.....speaking of scrapbooking. I have kept quite mum about my scrapbooking adventures. Actually after the wedding book I made for Mom and Dad at Christmas, I have not done much in the way of scrapbooking.

I have been doing alot of organizing for the scrapbooking though. Believe me, there is more organizing and tidying that goes on in scrapbooking than there is scrapbooking being done. Today I got a great clear stamping kit, and a really cool wire work kit. These pretty much round out my supplies.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I Think The Blog Will Be Stale All Weekend

I will be doing some techinical upgrading this weekend. I am not sure what I am in for, so I am just warning everyone I may be out of email contact this weekend, as well as blog updates.
When I am back on I will be running Windows Vista.
Oh stop making those gagging sounds. I am just not ready for Linux....OK
Motivated Motion will be capable of full video editing and fancy graphics inputs when all the stuff is done. Of course that means I will be trying to learn it all again so there will be alot of crying over here, by me.

Baby Kitty Candy

We took these photos in the last week of January.
Candy lost some weight when she was recovering from her "hysterectomy"
Her belly looks good and her appetite is back now!

Alex squirts Candy with water if she tries to do something inappropriate.
Amber and Alex have worked really hard on squirting Candy for clawing, biting, or chewing things she is not allowed to consider playtoys.
So far Candy has responded well with this. She was able to keep her claws.
Amber trims her nails all the time.
She has turned out to be a really really good kitty.