Monday, September 29, 2008

Success Is Only A Click Away!

These days I find myself feeling behind in my logging of events on my blog. I still have yet to post about the Brandywine Ball or the Welcoming of the new DDGM.
Frankly, I am overwhelmed a bit. The needle-felting part of the Motivated Motion Gallery is a quicker success than I imagined.
I am finding myself in a mad scramble to continue to do more and more miniatures.
I have a huge list in my head of things I want to see, but my poor fingers cannot work as fast as my mind can think the little creatures up!

This week I have worked on a rabbit and a siamese cat and "Weird Al-paca Yankovick". Please see the details about the development of the critters on the Gallery Blog, and within a couple of days you will see some additions to Gallery for Auction and Sale.

The charity items are now posted on the Motivated Motion Gallery. 100% of the profits of the dedicated items go a local animal rescue charity I support.
Folks who buy the charity items will get a letter from the charity president and co-ordinator along with their certificate of authenticity.

I am spending most of this week doing photo shoots for the Gallery. I have many sets of handmade doilies to post for sale. These have all been made by Nanny Tucker. She is almost 96 yrs old. Her stuff is very colourful and she makes each doily without a pattern!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What an amazing night!
Carl and I have busied ourselves tonight with getting the new needle-felted items up on the Motivated Motion Gallery website.
For the first time I have chosen to post on Etsy in my shop that I have had registered for over a year.
Everything I will post on Etsy at this time will be charity pieces.
100% of the profits of these pieces will go to the growth of the York Region Animal Rescue League run by Nicole Dente.
She is on my friends list in my facebook. So please make friends with her and join her charity groups. I can tell you all the money she raises goes to help local animals with rescue, vet care and adoption.

I put two pieces up on Etsy : Harper and Peepers
If you click on each photo below it will take you to the Etsy Page

If you clicked on Peepers Page you will notice he is sold.
Within 5 min of posting him on Etsy he sold!!
My Friend, and miniature collector bought him! I am thrilled to bits! She was the person who inspired me to make an owl after she told me a story about her family.
I was able to send her a sneak peek of the page right from the Etsy shop and she scooped little Peepers up right away!
There is a tear in my eye to know that I can give York Region Animal Rescue League 100% of the profits of this sale ASAP! Yipppeeeeee!
Thank you HB. I know Nicole thanks you too!

You will also notice that there is an unexpected item in the Motivated Motion Gallery. I am proud to give "Chilly" The Polar Bear his debut on the site instead of making him a teaser on here. I finished him Tuesday afternoon and he made it into the photo shoot! He was such a good boy and posed very well :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mid September Needle Felting Teasers Slideshow

Here is a flicker slideshow of my latest needle felting.

For details on these pieces go to The Motivated Motion Gallery Blog HERE

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Explanation Of Haunted Footage Hoax

Well I scoffed this off another site. Cuz it is posted on YouTube.
I really like this video!
Finally someone daring enough to post the realistic approach to proving and disproving paranormal activity.
We spend lots of time watching TV shows that are just mimics of each other on the paranormal investigation theme.
Watching the investigators seek out the ghost, and get scared and excited, then the psychic comes in and channels or speaks with the dead people to get the scoop.

Most of my job as a psychic consultant for a Paranormal investigations unit is to scoop through poop.
I have to use regular ole detective work to weed out the sensationalized and fantasical from the possibly real. Folks don't mean to let their emotions run their mind when encountering something paranormal, but their mind does go off in tangents. My job is to take away the tangents and work with the facts to get a base to start from. Then I will have to do two more things.
The first thing is to prove my credibility by picking up on some piece of historical data I would not be able to find out by conventional means, that can be researched and credited by a historian, then:
Second I have to get a message of information that will help the team move in a specific direction to an answer.
I never know what the outcome will be, and we have always been surprised at what I find out. It is never quite what folks would predict.
We see a lot of stuff that is considered weird or freaky, and the technical team picks through the data of EVPs and Video and Photos and scrutinizes everything..... And if they are not sure they will call in another expert to get their opinion on the situation.

We disprove ourselves all the time. And that is what should happen. If every little nuance of info was not explainable then we would have been able to write the best how to prove ghosties book ever written well over 10 yrs ago.
Folks like PSICAN are scientific researchers. They approach each situation the same way, and they use protocol for collection of data.

I am glad for the video below.
It is an essence of what folks at PSICAN repeat to themselves all the time.
Objectivity is absolutely necessary.
There is no room for blind faith here.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Old Friends and Old Times:

When I was a kid I went to this great elementary school. There were a few kids that always stuck out in my mind as really great kids. Well when it came for Carl and I to pick names for our kids we decided not to name our kids after any family member, which was not like everyone else in our family.
So I looked at my husband and myself. I figured that if I had boys they might end up reddish haired and fair because my husband was. I thought of the mix and for some reason I kept going back to reddish blond haired kids with fair complexions in my mind. So I thought if we had sons I would like to name them Alex and Cameron. Both names were for boys I knew in elementary school who were very kind kids and funny kids with the reddish tone to their hair. I figured if I named them after good kids they would become good kids. Well, we have GREAT kids! Alex was named after Alex Masterton and Cameron was named after Cameron Mortimer.

Alex Masterton and I had a great opportunity to take extra school on Saturdays for fine art, so we got exposed to things the average elementary student didn't get. Those were the days...... I was a good artist, he was super awesome!

Well by chance, this weekend I connected with Alex Masterton through facebook and I am very glad to see he pressed himself to stay creative (seeing I never saw him again after grd 8 and wasn't sure).
Please take a moment to hit the link below and catch a glimpse of what Alex Masterton is up to these days.
Producer and Director of Mr. Video (2007) a 15min short film. Owner of the production company Destiny Pictures.
If you have seen this film in the UK, I would like to know your opinion. If you have seen this short in the US I would like to know your opinion too.
I have noticed online that Rogers Cable ran something about the short, or ran the short here, but their site is stale now...

I am so excited by this.
Seeing Cam is heading to film school and Alex is the computer geek who is always trying to tech out the film technology for us here....
The world seems really small today! And I am really really glad I picked this great Karma name for our Al.

I will see if Alex will sell me a copy of Mr. Video so I can see it.
The trailer is cool!
Upp I see a film night at the Tucker house soon!

Mr. Video Trailer