Monday, January 29, 2007

"I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts"- Ghostbusters

When I was put on the same path as PSICAN a few months back, I never would have thought there would be enough spooky happenings in Ontario to have the PSICAN team active with some members checking out reports of hauntings, most weekends.

There was alot going on this week, and I was fortunate to be given the oportunity to travel to a Post Secondary education facility in Toronto to investigate reports of hauntings in the building.

The night was not scarey, but we did get action on video and it was loud bangs that could not be explained and some really cool light shows. Like fireflies flying super fast and being caught on video with my night vision video recorder.

This ole investigation was not quite typical. We actually were at the location from 11:30PM to about 4:30AM. Now it is creapy enough walking through a deserted building at any time. Make it the witching hour and the imagination could really go squirrelly.
Thank goodness no one from our team was a screamer or a jump-in-fright-er.
We made light of the atmosphere and really tried hard to discount occurrances.
In the end we had one re-occuring noise that was really loud and it would happen in clusters.
We heard footsteps in the hall, a sound that was like someone was manically using a staple gun in a locked room, and we got some "fairy lights" zooming around a room.

I got to meet a lady from my area, who will share rides with me when it is appropriate, so that was great! Nice to know there is more than one ghost hunter in York Region.

I got to meet the student who had interviewed me for her term paper, and I got to work again with Chris, who was pretty much the leader. We were so decked out!
flashlights and bottled water, Tim Hortons coffee and timbits, pop corn, cookies, chocolate and egg salad sandwiches.
Chris thinks we need to open a PSICAN catoring service.

I might be able to put a clip of a video up.
It will be a while though cuz I have to get Alex to make it into a format so I can show a clip on here.
I haven't looked through my photos yet.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

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Silver Rain
(after an ice storm-Arkansas 2001)
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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Most of us Northern Hemisphere folks tell stories of "the big snow". Each story starts the same and ends the same. The beginning goes, "When I was a kid.....", and they end, "Now, THAT"S SNOW!"
Every one of those memories explains how many inches in how many hours the snow fell. They talk about burried cars, and wearing snow mobile suits, "snow days" off from schooll, skiing, or tobogganing, or GT snow racing!
In Ontario we get about one wicked storm a winter. But the accumulations don't match the good ole days.

Now, in Newfoundland the story is soooo different. "The Rock" as we affectionately call Newfoundland gets huge accumulations of snow. This is why almost every house has a wood stove as an alternative heat source. Then like Norway the big rains wash the snow away. So Newfoundland gets cycles of snow, where in Ontario, with mostly no winter rain, we get snow build up throughout the season. Then in late April the thaw begins.

Laurie had a great Wordless Wednesday up, but her linky is on the fritz, please leave your comments for her Wordless Wednesday post here if you can't get her's to work.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Our Sunday 55km road trip from Newmarket (in the countryside) to the Harbourfront Centre (a block south of the CN Tower), to end up at the Enwave Theatre to do a bit of Psychic Investigation.

On Thursday I will add some words to the photos.

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Newmarket is uphill from Toronto, so amazingly enough the top of the CN tower can be spotted from Newmarket. As we get to the freeway the land dips a bit so we can only catch the faded grey tip of it if we look at the photo from left to right: to the right of the close building and to the left of the wood telephone pole, you can see the grey hazy tip of the tower in the horizon of the chain link fence.