Monday, July 30, 2007

Peanut Butter And Crabs

I was looking at some YouTube videos and noticed that one gal was feeding her crabs peanut butter.
I was thinking that might be worth a try. I have organic peanut butter with no I tried it. And they loved it!

This is Chupi

This is Shredder

To see all my crabs you can go here. The un-named crab is now Hagrid, seeing he is the giant.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree!

This is the phrase Dad uses to describe my middle-aging in comparison to my mother.
I see the similarities every day, and sometimes it can be quite amusing, and sometimes it can be...just sad, to think that the stuff I declared I would never do when I got older, I am doing. And I just don't do it in the fashion, I do it exactly like her.

Mom trained me well. Even if now there is absolutely no way I can appreciate it.
Like: stretchy pants and too big shirts.

For God's sake! I have prided myself on being quite fashionable for my age. I don't spend oodles of money on clothes, but I try my best to put myself together nicely.

But today is the end. Today I found myself drooling over these great yoga pants I got at Costco.
I undid them from their wrappping and I stretched out the waist on the 3 sizes smaller than before pants. Jersey cotton with a ribbon drawstring, and a stretchy waist. I was in heaven!

Heaven?! Oh it has happened. I now know I am completely like my Mother! Stretchy pants and too big shirts. Good Lord!

What Do You Do When You Are Burnt Out?

Gather up all the knitting projects that have a couple of rows left to finish, and read...

I am on pg 172 of Harry Potter.
I finished the John Saul book. Yep, "Voices at midnight" is a vampire book. I won't give away anything on any of the books.
I don't want to spoil things for folks.

I will tell you that Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows
is reading as well and perhaps even more interesting than the first book. It sucks you in right away and there is beauty in the background. I can envision the movie winning cinematography awards for this one.
It will be bright and dark. A great combination for the final book.

I am not a quick reader or a dedicated reader like most of my friends, but I believe I am making the quickest progress yet, on this last of the series.
I remember reading and listening to the first four books.

I was driving truck then, and I would have the tape playing and my truck partner Deb would be yelling at the characters in the book as we drove.
Neither of us slept much during the Harry Potter runs. We wouldn't want to miss any of the story. I really enjoyed Jim Dale in the audio, as much as I enjoyed the reading.

I was so close to purchasing the audio of this too. I only hesitated because I would love a set all in CD. My first 4 are on cassette tape. So I think I will put those on my Christmas list.

I am really excited about this read.
If you comment about how you liked the book, please don't give away any of the story.

I put this pic up because it may have gotten missed in the big photo array at the beginning of the week. This will be one of my new lace sweaters for fall. I am really excited. All of my knitting projects are just rows away from completion, and I now don't feel like a total dit for having so many projects on the go.

Knitters will agree with me when I say that I have hard ones that require concentration for days I have time and energy to put into them, and easy ones I can even do in the dark for days we are talking our watching a movie or out with friends at a pub or cafe.

I also picked up a few bags this summer that I can tote my work in. I have a million of em, but new ones are just so fun!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Can you tell me the purpose of war?
It is Karma? Is it cleansing?
Or is it the part of human nature you lost control of in Eden?

I don't speak much about war. When your family is military you have to really be careful on what you say to friends and relatives about war and our part in it.
I can tell you that I am not for war. I am a person who's intention is always to choose a peaceful solution.

Even though my personal choices will always be peace, I am compelled to understand why soldiers exist and what Canada's role is as a peace keeping force for NATO.
Every day I am reminded what it means to a soldier to identify with being a peace keeper and sometimes a peace maker. For my Son and Husband are soldiers.

Canada's reserves is one of the highest and most well trained in all the world. Other countries do not put the time or money into the training of their reserve forces because except for now, most reserves in other countries are never called up to fight.
In Canada it is different. We have a small military and our reserves have the opportunity to volunteer for reg. force duty, even when there is no war. They will do a 6month contract with the regular forces and serve as peace keepers wherever they are needed.

In Canada we do not have conscription and our military is hard to get in to, whether in reg. forces or in the reserves. Most of our young soldiers are University qualified young men and women. High school graduates, and have dreams of post secondary education in their future.
To be part of the Military College in Canada one must have a GPA of about 85 on average to even get in. You can dedicated years of military service to be able to go the University after. Also Military personnel get trade training in their units.

Our officers come from two directions. Promoted through the ranks with years of dedicated hard work and leadership training, or as University graduates who earned the right to be trained as officers because of their University dedication.

My husband Carl has been stationed away at a base for the past 4 weeks. He is taking a military vehicles driving course and a communications course. And I have been saturated with military breath for the last month.
My trips up to the base and its surrounding towns dipped me into the honey of the families that live with war every day.

The conversations usually always bend towards NATO and Canada's soldier pride in serving in this force. The soldiers love their job, and don't have to be reminded how deadly it can be.
Families of soldiers who go to war are like families of Cops who work on the streets. You know it is dangerous and so you live on a daily basis. You don't forget to recognize the little things and you don't sweat the small stuff.

Some days you are the soldier and you are an Angel in the public eye, and some days you are the soldier and you are the Devil in the public eye. And there is always someone in the family who will run you down if you choose military service, because they are elitist and believe military is open only for the dregs of society and one should never bring down a family's reputation with mere military dedications.

The spouses and children, and most Mothers of a soldier know that this dedication as a soldier is a calling. It is a personal challenge and one that puts the soldier into a position to hopefully effect change. Like Cops- a Soldier serves.

A soldier serves the people. For us. For mankind.
Some days we watch war footage on TV and it is not real in our mind. We see the carnage with the eyes of the movie makeup trained psyche that blocks out the emotional idealism that this is REAL.

As a Mother and a Wife of a soldier who understands the dedication it takes for a Soldier to BE, please watch the video at this URL:,,2125978,00.html

And remember........this is are not Elite and above suffering.......and people are putting their lives on the line for YOU. And everyone has a responsibility to fellow man.

Wear Red on Fridays to support our troops.
Put a yellow ribbon on your property to show your intentions.
And never treat a Soldier like he is less for the choices he as made. He is your Son, our Son and his calling is for YOUR sake. All mankind will suffer without the Soldier.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Todays Word is: Victory

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2007 Blog-Off For Breast Cancer


Well Courtney is really challenging me. Each post is becoming more personal and more personal. First you find out about my boobs and Cross Dresser and Trans Gender and how I used to help them float their boat, and now I have to speak of Victory.

To me Victory is the end of a very long process of self change I am going through as a means to an end.

For those who have been following along since the spring you will know I am on a metabolic diet as my final part of my recovery from my brain injury. The diet itself has not been a problem at all. It is simple and I only required the removal of two things from my diet as I knew it to accomplish weight loss. So I am good with that.

I mentioned that in the future I would talk about a choice I made to also coincide hypnosis into the mix of things.

It became apparent during the treatment of my brain injury and permanent trigeminal nerve damage that there were some things I just had to accept and own. One was that I would never be the same again, and it was up to me to find a new normal so I could be comfortable with my limitations and to feel well about my situation.

I came into the brain injury sporting a long term auto immune disease that the Dr said is a high clue about what is happening to me. She said that I have to accept and own this injury and not try to push it aside or belittle it.

I had to come to terms with my own personality issues that could throughout my life have made me much more susceptible to problems reguarding my auto immune disease, and my subsiquent issues with Shingles of the brain that finally damaged the nerve deep in my brain and throughout my head.. And in feeding these personality issues was definitely taking away from my health.

I spent years and years working on self. I thought that I had covered everything. I missed one clear thing that was easy to see from a medical practitioners point of view. Sometime in my life I seeded a message that to be successful one must push through everything. Work through exhaustion, work through hunger and thirst, and having to pee even for the end result.

You will read this blog and see what I do and say geeze she is a be-all kinda girl. Must be a great friend, and a fun Mom and wife and an exciting person to know. Well, I am kind and I do care way too much about people than necessary. I am exciting because I shift and change and re-invent myself all time. My instincts are cunning and I am a highly competitive businesswoman who just couldn't be good at stuff. I had to be the best. My biggest competitor is myself. In business I chew and spit out people because I expect only of people what I can do myself. Yet to be this high end achiever I shut down my needs to get there, so of course I could never understand why others can't push themselves that one more inch like I can.

Can you see where I am going with this?
If I want to live and stay well and just achieve life, I now have to retrain my whole personality to listen to my body and only live within my physical means. I knew I could not do this alone. This means shedding my ego and listening to my heartbeat. For over 40 years my ego has screamed the rules, it is hard to shut off.

I had to look at the series of events that started way before I stopped driving the transport truck (and being the best darn female truck driver on the face of the earth...said tongue in cheek) and see how they snowballed into my autoimmune disease making me susceptable to a rare form of shingles saved only for those over 60 years of age. When I was 41 years old.

I also had to look at when I gained weight this last time, and what I was doing in my life that put me on the obesity team once more. And when I looked at all this with honest, instead of rose coloured glasses, I knew I was in real trouble.

What good was two years of recovery work, ending with an extreme weight loss if I still had issues that were plaguing me and pushing my body into survivor mode. (Oh look! one of the earlier words)

So now I am ready to tell you about the hardest work I have ever done. And in doing this work I have been burned by my own personality quirks to set me back again and again. I will also tell you about my successes that affirms that this personality shift is doable, and VICTORY is 30 days or so away.

After several attempts to lose weight the right way (exercise and diet adjustment) with limited success, I knew that when it came to the end of my recovery and it was time for the weight loss, I had to have a trump card. I needed that knowledge I could draw upon to ensure that I would not have to go do this weight loss more than once over the age of 40. Once you hit 40 as a woman the body chemistry sets up against you. It is calming down and slowing down to ready you for menopause, and once this starts every body change accomplishment has a really high price tag.

The lady who hypnotizes me is hypnotizing my negative and destructive personality right out of me. The first appointment was to talk about goals and to start a script for the hypnosis.
My script identifies my push through behaviors and quashes them. It enhances my desire to recreationally walk and exercise. It compels me to drink water and to get a very positive feeling from the act, and to not wait wait and wait to go to the bathroom, or sleep or rest. Plus helps me stay focused to accomplish tasks in a timely fashion. And when I don't I pay a price, because my body is being hypnotized to Yell at me very loudly with pain, or sickness or exhaustion. It sounds like a punishment but it is breaking of a vicious cycle.

Who knows when I got this idea that I needed to put ME last for the sake of the doing or the task. I could have been a small child, a teen or an adult. It doesn't really matter, as long as recognize I do have the ability to change all for the better.

So I set out with my intentions in place. I say my script and I write my cue cards for the in-between days when I use self hypnosis, and on the days I see Silvana for hypnosis I just let go in pure trust.

I still compel myself to press on. The last three weeks is a good example. I had at least three times inwhich I chose not to listen to my body and I paid the price with pain, sickness, and exhaustion in a slap in the back of the head kind of action.

But on the days I listen: I exercise, I drink alot of water, I don't hold off going to the bathroom or sleeping or resting or saying no to people, and my life is smooth and I see attainable goals and I get rewarded with energy and weight loss and feelings of wellness.

Can anyone do this? I think so, but the hardest part is accepting that you own it all and only you can control it or fix it, and even when you do fix it, you have to be ready to see and be a different person.

It has been a hard lesson. One that could have cost me my life.
We usually hear that from folks who go through AA or NA and rehab.
Not usually from folks who have a life changing illness, that will block their every move unless they rehabilitate from being themselves.

So what I have accomplished since May? I have a small VICTORY each day.
What do I win? Life, and not just an existence.

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Everyone can leave a comment, and the comments will be greatly appreciated.

Three Weeks Of My Life
12 out of 21 days

July has been a full month.
The Canada Day weekend saw Carl leave to be stationed at CFB Petewawa, north of Ottawa, for a month-long course.

After he was in Petewawa for a week, I went to visit him.
Petewawa is about 5.5 hrs driving from my home.
I stayed in the town next to Petewawa called Pembroke.
I stayed at the Travelodge hotel in Pembroke.

Here is the pool in the hotel

This is the Restaurant

This is one of their signature Salmon and Strawberry salads

Our First Room

The Waterfront Park in Pemroke

The Millenium Boardwalk was put in for the Anniversary of the Town.
Currently this town has 1200 citizens.

The Pembroke Lighthouse

Each board on the boardwalk is sponsered by person.

A haze of seagulls going crazy at dusk for mosquitos.

We had to move around in the hotel because they were fully booked. So we got a jacuzzi suite.
Complimentary robes.

The new room.

Welcome to CFB Petawawa

The hotel Pool Patio and Cafe

The main strip of Pembroke

Between the years of 1997 and 2004 local artists painted murals depicting the history and peoples of Pembroke. The work has really beautified the town, making its history and attraction

The River dam.
The mountains in the distance are in the Province of Quebec.

Pembroke is one of the towns participating in the horticulture contests called Ontario Blooms.

Spy the mural
150 years anniversary was 2004

Mural depicting volunteers of the town

The next town south of Pembroke is Eganville.
This hamlet is so small, there are probably only a few hundred residents.

Follow the river to the Eganville dam.

The Eganville Centennial garden.

Eganville dam.

Just north of Bon Echo Provincial Park on HWY 41 I found a knitting shop in the middle of the forest.
Unfortunately I called on the "Closed" day.

Ok here it is. This little place hosts a music and knitting night every week.
And what massive photo array can be complete without a beautiful sunset.


And a week later I am in Toronto, starting my trip to Niagara On The Lake to psychically investigate famous Fort George.
This photo is not the intersection. Look beyond that onto Lake Ontario to see one of the Tall Ships making its way along the Ontario Great Lakes.

And we are in Niagara On The Lake. Cam came with me, and we went with Chris Laursen whom I affectionately call "My handler" at PSICAN. He is actually my team leader in most investigations. This year Chris is the media relations officer of this Non Profit Scientific Association.
Niagara On The Lake is located at the mouth of the Niagara River. It's history is from the war of 1812 where massacre after massacre occurred over a three year period in time while the
British and the Americans fought to gain and regain control of Fort George, over and over again.

This town has around 800 residents, and has the reputation of having more recorded ghost sightings than their are live residents of this town.

It is like stepping back in time.
What a place to search for Ghosts!
And it has haunted land, haunted hotels, and haunted landmarks!

This is Fort Niagara. In the USA, just across the river from Fort George.

The homes are stunning. And so many of them are Bed and Breakfasts.
The big draw here is the town, and The Shaw Festival. One of the best live theatre seasons in Ontario.


These photos are what I took at Fort George.
As regular readers know now, I am a medium.
I was asked if I would like to join Chris Laursen and some guests- Nick Kyle and his wife Sarah Grumball. Nick is President of the Scottish Society of Psychical Research.
I had a great converstions/interview with Nick and his wife at dinner where I was asked specific questions about my methods of doing readings, and my opinion on some subjects which are common within the Psychic community. He also offered me much food for thought. One of the most stimulating conversations I have had about mediumship ever.

The following photos of the Fort, its surroundings and its inner buildings have not been edited in any fashion.
I will tell you I had two visits to the Fort that day.
One was in daylight and I was alone with the team of people coming on behalf of PSICAN: Dave Kirkwood, Chris Laursen, Nick Kyle and Sarah Grumball, Me and my Son Cameron as my video guy.
I will tell you that there are no visible ghosts in these photos.
But they all are taken when I was compelled by a psychic impression in the form of, something heard, or something seen visually, or something seen as a psychic footprint, or something smelled or felt.

I will do my best to teach you about how you can be fooled by a photo if you really wish to see something paranormal in the photographs.

Please look at the photos in bigger form by clicking on them.
If you think you saw something, please put what you think you saw in comments. I have labelled the photos to help you. I will not turn down what you might see. I will neither prove or disprove what you may find. But I am compelled to have you look-fresh eyes, a fresh outlook. You may just find the answer!

Come enjoy the fort from the psychic's eyes.
I saw alot of people in my psychic impressions. And I will tell you that none of them were wearing red or blue uniforms.


6)Kyle Upton of Ghost Tours of Niagara is our host and is guiding me and the team around.
I was sent in blind. No one told me any history of the fort, and I had not researched anything. I was to write down my impressions, speak to Chris and Dave while they recorded me on cassettes. (Kyle is in the black T-shirt)


20)Here is Nick Kyle and Dave Kirkwood taking their own photos.

22)Below I show you the same photo with and without flash. Do you see anything ghosty?
Check out the details. Click on the photo to look at a larger view.


25)26)Dave taking pics. Nick and Sarah in the background.
28)It became quickly apparent that Cameron was getting similar impressions to me. He was smelling the horrible smells I smelled, and seeing things move all around him. He was hopeful that he captured something on video. He did capture something, but it was just an answer to a sound that was not an EVP, or a flash of movement that was not a ghost. In my heart I was more thrilled that Cam was experiencing his psychic ability and noticing that it was not like a horror movie, and was quite a cool experience. He also quickly came to realize exactly how much data we need to span in one investigation, and the trials and tribulations that go along with trying to record the experience. Rather than whether he got a ghost on video.

Honestly, I go into a site expecting no impressions and no audio/visual captures, and I am always amazed if something flourishes.
31)Painting of Queen Charlotte

32)Chris taking photos and recording our every step on audio.
34)Remember I was having some sort of psychic moment at every photograph. This photo in particular shows me a something right in the place I saw spirit. Perhaps you can see what is interesting me. What do you see?

38)This munitions shed is one of the original buildings of the fort. Most of the fort has been reconstructed because when the US occupied the fort last, knowing they would have to push back their lines back over the river, they burnt all of Niagara On The Lake and the fort to the ground, displacing several hundred families.
40)This is land outside the fort wall. This area is closer to the water.
I even saw psychic impressions way down here.
41)as dusk falls we are delightfully invited to join a private tour of a local Niagara area group-at night! The Union Jack for Britain, The Stars and Stripes for The USA, and the famous Canadian Maple Leaf flag).

42)Here is where I can give you a lesson on ghost seeking. Orbs are reflections of stuff. Usually live flying things or inert particles in the air. I am here to tell you that the outdoor orbs you see are caused by mosquitos, moths, and fireflies.
I was taking the three photos of this area because I did see a woman spirit there.
Do you see one? What I saw with my eyes is not what is here. Yet there may be a clue.
43)outside the fort gates.
44)I think we have a groundhog friend there.
45)Oh night is falling. Would you be scared to walk here in the dark without any light?
Here is a little tidbit of psychic information. If a psychic is good a picking up historical footprints of the land they can actually glimpse a snippet of time long past. Most of the time this snippet is in daylight, and if it is night I am not seeing it night in the vision, and I can usually maneuver very well in the dark. Wild huh? These things I take for granted, and it never occurred to me before to share this information until I had to explain to Chris what exactly I was seeing.

48)Officers quarters longhouse.

51)Three bunk houses with a small cottage52)Cannon turette in a corner bastian. I hope I got those technical names correctly.
53)The Ghost Walk Guide's light sitting upon the stone monument for Brock's original burial location.
54)one of the original places Brock was buried.

55)Cam doing his nightvision camera work at the old burial site
58)The orbs are not what I saw. Again they are bugs. I did see something here though. Can you see anything?
60)On the night tour I learned some history about this war of 1812.
So many soldiers on both sides of this war took such high casualties there are litterally thousands of unmarked graves of soldiers who were buried where they fell, as they did not have the manpower to take the bodies away. From Niagara to Hamilton bodies are uncovered all the time when new subdivisions or malls etc are built.
61)Dave and Chris walking around inside one of the bunk houses.


65)66)Night walk to the municians shed and the "haunted tunnel"
67)What I heard and saw here was older than even the Indians we think of being around in even the 1600's. It was consistant, and strong. So I believe sensitive equipment may be able to sense what I saw. I want to lay in the field next to the shed in the gully. Quiet and still. I feel this spot is the key to the energy of this land. This area just happens to be the most haunted and daunting area that the guides can tell their own personal accounts of.

68)This is the most haunted area on the grounds. It is a municians shed

69)At the end we all gather to hear more ghost stories from Kyle Upton, and from members of the group who have recorded experiences.

70)After the Ghost hunting night we went to the pub at The Angel Inn which claims to be the most haunted Inn in Niagara On The Lake. Nick and Sarah pose for a goodbye photo.

71)This was our room. Our room was in the Moffatt Inn, which is also haunted.
My opinion on the indoor orbs....there were no bugs flying around. Could it be dust, or some of the ghosts coming to visit?
You need to decide. Do you see anything paranormal other than the orbs?

72)On single orb all of a sudden after a room full. Makes you go hummmm. But you thought I dont believe in orbs. I dont. I find they are easily explained away. So I would like something more tangible in my photos. Would a ghost be 3-D and reflect light? No. In my experience a ghost is only 2-d and absorbes light, does not reflect it. In the presence of spirit light is dulled or changed in colour by the presence.

75)This is the Apothecary. It is a museum for the Ontario College of Parmacy. It is said to be haunted, so they ask for a donation of a Toonie ($2.00) so one can take photos.
These photos are great general photos of a haunted place. I got no impressions here, but I did appreciate all the cool stuff in there!



84)As you can see. People are constantly coming in and taking photos hoping upon hope they get a ghost in the viewfinder.

85)This photo is the perfect example of how one can accidentally capture a ghost on film.
And it is PSICAN's mandate to weed out all of the questionable stuff, or explain why it is not proof there are ghosts that haunt. Or, of course, state that there is no explanation. So there is a possiblility of a presence. And, of course, we live for the days of enough strong evidence to pass scientific scruteny, and as Nick Kyle says, " have a message from beyond that this is not all there is to it, that there is something else to look forward to. And affirmation.."

I took this photo and there was a layer of glass between me and the mortar and pestles I am photographing. In the bottom left corner it looks like a ghost figure of a hand and arm are captured in the reflection, holding the handle of the mortar. But it is only my hand holding my camera, that is reflected back at me. Reflections make up a huge amount of possible captures on camera. I constantly search deep to disprove everything I see or hear, as some other phenomena before I will say, "Ah Ha! It's a ghost! Or that's the ghost I talked to!

So far I have seen images appear in the geography of inert objects on photograph, which represented the same message I was getting, and smoke like vapour that appears before my eye as well as captured upon film. Or strange colour changes that outline a figure or make up a figure that seems to be flat and absorbing light, not reflecting it. But these are a few photos -like4 or 5 out of thousands taken. So I feel that to find images in every group of photos taken defies the odds greatly.

The first spirit photo I ever saw was of my Great Grandmother in Lilly Dale in a trance at the Great Stump. There are faces in the foliage that are 2-D and have the consistency of wooden totems, that are not present at this place. What I have seen is not a vague glimpse, but a manifestation.
Niagara On The Lake is also competing in Ontario Blooms.

This is the Moffatt Inn. This is where we stayed. It too is haunted.

Around the corner from town the wineries and fruit farms flourish.
Foodland Ontario, Vineland, our perfect soft fruit growing farms.

Peaches are ready

Brock's Monument
The Niagara River Hydro electric dam.
Cam doing his impression of Jack Nickolson in "The Shining".
This photo of the gorge looks like a painting!

The Rivers Tidle Pool


Back to Pembroke. Al and Amber.

Our hotel roomMe soakin up some rays while finishing a Baby Sweater.
Wonder what November baby this is for?!

Sleepy Bear is Travelodge's mascot.
Lovely fountain. The first week I was there someone put soap in the waterfall and it went to suds.

Oh Canada BikersThe amazing murals of Pembroke.
The Swallows of Capistrano come back to Pembroke

strollin' down the street

Ode to the Voyageurs and Samual De Champlain.

This mural is on the side of a house!
All the others are on business walls.

The townline of Petewawa. See the big gun?!

This one is dedicated to almost 200 yrs of fiddle and step dancing. The Pembroke contest is July 1st.
This mural is dedicated to the day Pembroke got electric lights in the street.

They have the biggest Giant Tiger Store I have ever seen in pembroke. One wall is a long mural of people. Real people! Its sections represent 150 years of residents, in 20 year segments. The images are reproductions of real people, created through donations of old newpaper photos or personal photos of the folks related to the residents depicted here.

Ode to settlers long past (as ghosts) and to the blacksmith.

The water tower represents the town, farms and the railway spanning the land.

We came back from the base to find a white G-wagon in our parking lot, all custom built.



Candy didn't get to come with us on our mini vacation. So her Mommy and Daddy brought her home a new filtered flowing water dish.
Candy is very kitty curious and has to check it all out.

And she shows off her relaxed and adult look. No longer a kitten.


I would not put up such a photo array without some new knitting.
This is my new lace sweater.
The yarn is hand painted. So snobby cool.

This circle is the center of the small of the back of a very blousey lace sweater.


Upgrades to the crabitat are in too!

I am growing carrots in the substrait as a fresh treat for the crabs.
This is all the crab handler rage.

I also put a fountain in the crabitat. They too like the fresh flowing water.
I reminds me of the megalyth in 2001 A Space Odyssey.
Carrot top greens!

Crusty is having fun there on the net.

Peek inside the cave
Two perches so the crabs can climb upward.

Crabitat Feng Shui