Thursday, March 30, 2006

I am 43 years old.
I live in the countryside outside of Toronto.

I was raised a Heritage Spiritualist. More modern people would call me a witch. Unfortunately the word witch is now associated with wicca which is a very modern term used liberally and can distort this very faith-based religion or idealism.

Basically I believe that the spirit of God is within me, and messages are passed from spirits of Departed, and the Spirit of God within all of us makes us vessels for healing. Enough of that banter.

I have a health-sciences background and an education background. I am quite well-versed on Dental Issues, Organ Transplants, Auto-immune diseases, and Chronic pain, and Christianity.

I spent a part of my career of life as a Long Haul Transport Truck Driver across North America, and rimming Mexico. I am also a certified Driving instructor. I dabble in journalist endevours.

Could call me a renaissance woman.


How did Lynn become Amy?

I think that I should start this blog explaining my alternate persona.
Some of my friends call me Amy, and some of my friends call me Lynn.
Lynn is my real name, but for about eight years I have used the pseudonym of Amy, or Amy Rosenburg.
I have written and published articles and short stories, and when I do I use Amy.
Any of my friends who know me from my journalistic endeavors affectionately call me Amy.
I readily answer to both. And my Husband and children respond to me as Lynn or Amy.

I really enjoy my alter ego.
Amy has allowed me to search my mind for the most intriguing world.



paula said...

Hi Lynn,

Congrats on you new blog! As for the name Amy, when I first met you you looked like an Amy. And being so bad with names, I may have referred to you as Amy. I always remember faces but I am so awful remembering names and any numbers. I just took my blood pressure and it was ok but do you think I can remember what it was? Anyways after knowing you for a while now, I find that the name Amy so suits your fun-loving and perky personality. The name Lynn reflects the business or serious "got to get down to the bottom of this" side of you.

All the best.

Lynn said...

Thanks Paula!

I am exactly the same way.
I cannot remember a name until I write it down.

~ Stacy ~ said...

You know, when I was in HS I created an alternate me, but I've yet to actually put her into exsistence. Lately, it seems like the time for that has arrived. :)

I can relate to your way of thinking as far as religion/God goes. I was raised by a spiritual Aetheist (ha), but I've always sensed the Spirit of God within and around us all.

Thanks for stopping by my Wordless Wednesday this week. I can't seem to find yours (?), but you have lots of other lovely photos up.

Sue said...

May I call you Amy Lynn ... :)

I have enjoyed learning a little more about you, and will definitely be back!

Michael said...

Your weird....I like it ! LOL