Monday, July 14, 2008

More Needle Felting Pieces:
Creations Are Afoot!

So I have began a project to make miniature recreations of our family pets and friends' family pets. I wish to do these for business as commissioned pieces for other folks in the future. All I need is a photo of the pet....and there I go!

The first one I made was my parents' Labrador Retriever.
Her name was Gentle.
This is how she started out.
Please pay attention to her size in comparison to the mug as it progresses through the photos as she shrinks.

This white one is our old dog Cya. She was a coyote. She had markings like a husky but she had two sets of back teeth rows. The next photo below shows how she looks now with her fur colours on.
The miniatures have glass eyes. I got them from an online shop. They are 2mm glass eyes.
I attach them myself.

Each of the dogs is about 30hrs of work. They are very dense. and I have pushed a lot of wool fluff into the the piece.

If you wish to commission a piece we can do the commission bid through ebay. I will need a good photo of your pet with a good outline of the pet's body and a good look at the colour patterns of the fur.
Please email me if you wish to have your pet captured in a collector, hand-made wool kneedle-felted miniature.

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RennyBA said...

You are so creative and good with your hands - looks like master piece to me!

Btw: I liked the mug too :lol:

Wishing you a great end to your week :-)