Monday, December 01, 2008

The Virtual Classroom Is Launched!!

Well the last month has been very busy at the Tucker home. We have been in video production for most of the month of November. We took some photos of one of the video shoots so you can see what it is like to produce a video at home for the web.

This is the production of the YouTube video of the real-time making of my poppy pin. This project took 4 hours. We filmed it in real-time and then Alex sped it up so you all could see it in 3:21.

We learned a lot from the videos of November.
One: we have to use an outside mic, as there is noise from the video camera tape in the background.
Two: we have to use a separate source for photos.
I used the video camera to take stills, and this required us to reformat sequence, which we did not expect.
Three: we have to do video production separate from the manual production.
We ended up with lots of extra work because of weird formatting issues. But all in all it was a great experience, and we feel that we have something really great to offer now!

(Me watching the monitor to make sure I keep my work in the shot)

In 2009 we will have needle-felting kits offered through the web. With the purchase of the kits you will get a unique code number with your kit manual, and you will be able to view the virtual classroom videos to go along with your book, so you can learn the techniques and steps that I teach in the classes I teach here in York Region.

Right now the virtual classroom is available to all students who have been to my classes and hold manuals from my 2008 classes.

I will be producing videos for my knitting classes too, but they will be public. So you will be able to see YouTube videos of my knitting compendiums on the front page of the Motivated Motion Gallery:

To see the lead in page for the classroom you can go to:
You will see there is a space for your video code.......

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