Friday, May 15, 2009

Got Credit In A Video

My Tweet Buddy Bryan Brinkman (Twitter @bryanbrinkman) is a really talented Short Film Maker. He is known for his short "Coffee Bird" which I think is just the cutest little film out there.
A few weeks ago he sent out a Tweet asking for circle pics. Any pic you could take of something circular.
That night everyone was going crazy looking for circles to post. I posted about 10 pics of different circles from drums to cymbals to centrepieces...and a huge wall hanging in my home which is this huge celtic knot. I am certain my celtic knot is in the final cut of the film and possibly others I cannot recognize because of the speed with which they pass by....

I hope you enjoy this short film. I think it is really interesting.
I made a few friends on Twitter from chatting with others about their photos, so the whole experience was quite rewarding.

I even get credit as @WitchAmy for my can pause the credits to see that if you like.

Here is the Short

#CIRCLEPIC from Bryan Brinkman on Vimeo.

Bryan Brinkman's film "Coffee Bird"

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