Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Surgery Again!

Well on Wednesday morning at 6AM I will go under the knife once again.
I am sure I have broken some record for number of abdominal surgeries in a lifetime.
I am sure too that I have definitely made it into a top squad for Gynecological surgeries.

On Wed I will go into hospital for at least over night to have my ovaries removed, two stints put into my kidneys', and to have my bladder repaired, and to have the cancer site re-excised.

I cannot believe that I have to go in again!

This time we have no idea what to expect when the team of Dr's go in, as I have some serious medical issues to deal with as a result of having so many abdominal surgeries. I had endometriosis in the past, plus I build scar tissue really badly, so a simple procedure can turn really messy with me.

It seems that my ovaries are a mess. It is a guarantee one ovary is coming out and it is possible the second is too. Why there are questions as to what will happen......is because the surgeon just does not know if he can get both ovaries and keep my bowel and kidneys in tact.

Best case scenario is they go in and can get the ovaries out with a scope no problem.
Worst case scenario is they could go in and find endo tissue messin up everything, and that could mean losing part of my bowel and one or both kidney's, plus a scrapping of the scope for an big slice down my belly.

What we think is going on is a really bad case of poly cystic ovarian disease, as my ovarian cancer screening test came back fine.
None-the-less my ovaries are really cysty and enlarged. I have been having back pain to the level of back labour since 2008. The delay on this situation was because a pelvic ultra sound in May of 2009 revealed nothing, but we think now it was a botch, as two recent ones after an alarming back MRI which found the cysts showed both ovaries a mess.
Most likely I am dealing with chocolate cysts, which are endo tissue growing on the ovaries causing them to go lumpy.

I told the Dr last year that it felt like I had an abscess on the inside of the bone of my pelvis at the back. It was a bit higher than regular gyne pain so I thought it might be my kidney. What I didn't realize was that my ovaries have moved to my back and up high nestled into my bowel loops, as a result of having a hysterectomy in 1993.

I have closed my Etsy shop until April 20th, and I want to also warn folks that I may not be returning email until that time either.

Cam will do his best to update my facebook and this blog as soon as there is anything to say.
Keep your eye on my twitter feed and facebook feed on the sidebar here for updates from my phone. If I think about it I will put the facebook and twitter widgets on the next post....just before I go to the hospital.

I will be at Southlake Hospital in Newmarket for one to four nights.
If I am in for more than one night, it means the surgery was extensive and very complicated and my condition could be grave, so I would rather folks talk to Carl before they decide to head over to the hospital, as I may not be well enough to have visitors.
I could have lots of tubes in me and I could be on dialysis.

Here is a crazy basketball sized ovarian cyst removal!


Sue St Clair said...

You will be in our thoughts and prayers Lynn! Positive vibes that all is going to go smoothly, and you will be well again shortly! ((((hugs))))

Chris Laursen said...

Thinking of you, Lynn! May your surgery be uncomplicated, and I wish you an easy recovery. - Chris