Monday, May 17, 2010

A Night of Fun and Comedy!
Just What the Dr. Ordered!

On Saturday night Carl and I headed down to Toronto to Absolute Comedy to see our buddy Perry Perlmutar do his first healiner gig in Toronto.

As always Perry was Awesome!
We have been following Perry around quite a bit the last couple of years, from several shows with Jeremy Hotz to the filming of his comedy special this winter, plus a previous trip to Absolute Comedy, and now his headliner show!
Perry also released his first CD this week too!

We met Perry in November 2008 when he toured as the opening act for Jeremy Hotz. We loved his humour right-off-the-bat. He is the type of comedian who can calmly wind you up into a fervor before he finishes his final punchline. The ultimate opening act leaving the audience with a key word they will chant to each other like a little private joke over and over......"SAME!"

He is Jewish and married a Muslim gal. Carl and I understand the cross culture marriage combo, seeing I am from Ontario and Carl is from Newfoundland......"SAME!"

I bet three or four times a week Carl and I will look at each other knowingly with a sparkle in our eye and shout "SAME!" to ourselves and laugh like idiots. It will always be to some silly comparison or an extension to some other person's explanation of an item or event.

Last night Perry's MC was Ward Anderson. He is a high-powered comedian. The kind who is so quick and loud you can't get a breath in- between the zings. He was the perfect MC. He would get you laughing so hard at some of the most obnoxious stuff that you gasp for breath because it was hilarious AND because you feel so guilty for finding some of the stuff so hilarious. You find yourself looking over your shoulder hoping you don't see someone you know or are related to you because you are being BAD. Bad for finding such humour so roll-on-the-floor funny.

As a girl I should be offended when a guy talks to the very young girl in the front and references BJ's and Boobs, but of course Nooooo! I was shaking my head 'yes' and laughing hysterically. The worst is when you have the ah-ha moment and kinda remember an incident like the reference from your young-and-stupid days and you look over to hubby and he is laughing pointing at you like he just had a revelation of a past improprieties! Oh yes we all have those elephants in the closet too!

Absolute comedy is our pick in Toronto for the best valued evening entertainment for certain. Plus they have the best bathrooms in the city!
(on the Tucker bathroom scale of 1-10, 1 being like the gas station and 10 like the bathroom only Grandma gets to use in the house-perfect in every way. The Absolute bathrooms are a 10)

Bathroom status is really important if you will eat and drink there because the state of the bathroom always reflects the pride of the place and is in direct correlation to the quality of the food. Food at Absolute is nice. You have choices: You can order a buffet and show, or you can have pub fare like wings and natchos etc at your table.

Drinks are a really good price, and the service is really really great!

I also measure a place on the coffee, and if they have mineral water on their drink list. In both cases they have great coffee and Perrier. So for me it is a perfect night.

Also they have a reasonable priced parking lot behind the club.
Absolute is located on Yonge Street Just north of Eglinton Ave (on the east side)

If you want an adult night that is cheaper than the movie theatre then head to Absolute! Real folks to listen to, great service, and you don't get over priced cola and stale popcorn, and some arse kicking the back of your seat.

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