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Here Is The Sears Follow-UP So Far.....And my response

Hello Ms. Tucker,

Thank you for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention.

We value you as a Sears customer and regret that you have had an unpleasant experience.

We have directed this important issue to our Corporate Customer Service Department for further review. One of our Customer Service Representatives will be in touch with you to address your concerns.

We appreciate your continued patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.



And This is My Reply:

Dear Customer Service,

It is now in the 48 hour day, and I have had not been called or emailed by the Warranty Department for the multiple verbal complaints I made for which I was told there would be a response within 48hrs.

But the Warranty Outgoing department (and she identified they were in Montreal) called me again this morning. They were addressing the fact that they still had not made a sale on the transaction of the vacuum warranty.

I questioned the girl that called me and I asked if she was phoning to sell me my warranty plan or not. She said yes that was why she was calling. She began her conversation with all of the warranties I could renew for the big money. I stopped her. I said that I was expecting a call from her supervisor today over a very big quality assurance issue that occurred on Monday, and seeing it was now the 48 hour mark day I was expecting to get a call from the supervisor.

She told me she would get her supervisor. He came on after a couple of minutes and his name is Raymond.
He was absolutely oblivious to this whole situation. He said that would have to go to the warranty department and I probably called the wrong people. I told him I had called his department first to complain and I called the warranty incoming department at the 1-800 number after being instructed to by corporate, and when I got no satisfaction from either I then sent this email thread to Home I said there were there-and-about 5 verbal complaints made with requests for the supervisor from outgoing and incoming customer service. I told him I had an email thread I would like to send him by email so he come up to speed on this and he told me that he had not way of getting an email. I was shocked that there were no way to send him the thread.

He only wanted to address the warranty transaction not going through and I said I was not going to do that. I needed to address 7 quality assurance issues reguarding that department and Theresa, and he did not want to talk about that. He said I would have to address the situation with warranty. This call ended at 10:00AM. I hung up, I was not going to complete a sale for this with him, if he was not going to address anything.

***while writing this note I got another call*******

I received a call from Danny The Supervisor in Warranty which ended at 10:58AM
He too wanted to address the transaction not going through. I told him that there were 7 quality assurance points that needed to be addressed and they were so gross that I was forced to contact corporate and send an email. I told him that the best thing would be for me to send him the thread in email so he had the details of the thread in hard copy. He too said he could not receive emails.
I then asked him to be very patient and listen to me read the whole letter. I said I would do my absolute best to be very clear when I spoke and not emotional or angry, but to please let me finish the letter because it was long and detailed the 7 very specific points.
He cut me off before I could finish reading the letter. I asked him to let me finish. He said no because he could clear this up very quickly. I asked to please let me finish the letter so he had all of the quality assurance points and he would not.
He cut me off and then began to tell me that she did not have all of the credit card number. That part was blanked out.
I said that is only part of the problem with that. I could not ensure fraud had taken place and I needed to speak to a supervisor, and I said that a supervisor was not available. He said it is not our department's policy to allow you to speak to a supervisor and they will contact in 48 hours and he is doing just that. (I found this incongruent, as within the same prior hour I got to speak to Raymond the supervisor of the department I originally called at the 1-877 number- so who was abiding by policy? Raymond or Danny?)
I said to Danny that he had not addressed my complete issue with the first complaint and I got heated angry because he never allowed me to finish reading the letter outlining the points yet wanted to give me a half response to the first complaint.
I said to him again in a very very very loud voice that there were 7 points of quality assurance that had to be addressed and the credit card number was only one thing.
As far as I am concerned I had the full right to to be worried about fraud! Why the hell would Sears allow anyone who wants our account numbers to call from a number with a blocked caller ID!? That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen! And in doing my research I have found this is not the first query to your company about this problem: sited: ,,,,,
My biggest concern was that this started with the fact I was really on high alert when a number with no visible caller ID wanted my card info, and when I wanted to speak to a supervisor to tell them about this concern I go no supervisor. Then when I call back to double check a detail there is no record of the transaction, then I again cannot get a supervisor to investigate it. Now I have had to investigate this all myself and with no aid or help from Sears.
Sears motto is "Satisfaction Guaranteed" How can Sears guarantee satisfaction if a supervisor is not on board to address possible fraud issues when there is a legitimate concern when the transaction is NOT showing in the system. Especially after all of the queries I had to make to get that far.
From looking at the web public complaints I have truly legitimate concerns that needed to be addressed immediately, and nothing was really dealt with so far. A Supervisor like Raymond of the 1-877 number would have addressed this quickly if they were available to do their job, and they were not, so there was no way on Monday I was going to know if I was frauded or not. Plus the gross issues reguarding my private information being confirmed by Theresa, then never making it into the system as a whole is disgusting, because it added to the worry that I was frauded and something was fishy. I didn't say in my earlier note but she was looking at my warranty agreements and she even questioned me on why I had not had my furnace tuneup or AC tuneup in the past two years while she was trying to convince me she was a legitimate Sears rep. It is none of her business if I had a tuneup or not!
This whole thing is way out of hand. If you instruct your supervisors to cut people off when they are talking so they cannot address all the points, how can it be dealt with properly?

The behavior of your supervisors is shoddy and unprofessional.
The supervisors seemed only interested in completing the transaction ASAP, and not deal with the 7 gross issues of poor Quality Assurance, and were not interested to learn about the details of the situations that occurred with the Warranty Department on Monday.

I am really tired of having to spend hours and hours following-up with supervisors who won't listen and dealing with folks who "Just want to make the sale" at the expense of my personal information and security, with those who Sully the name and reputation of Sears......and still no "Satisfaction"

Your Company Policy is merky at best.
Your Customer Service is not there if when someone has a query and asks to speak to a supervisor they are denied the action
Thus you are not living up to your motto.
And your practices of blocking the caller ID are questionable business practice and do not make the customer feel comfortable at all when they are asked to give out their private security credit card information over the telephone!
What the cold callers from the Warranty department are doing is not customer service, it is really just sales, and if they cannot make the sale they don't want to know about anything else.
They send a clear message to the Sears Customer that they are not interested in the motto or complying with ISO standards and practices, and wont satisfy a customer by allowing them to talk to a supervisor. Plus when they get a supervisor the supervisor does not want to address the whole of the customer's concerns, they only want the end result to be the sale and if they don't get that they DON'T CARE.

I want proof in writing as well as a telephone contact that outlines what you will do at the head corporate level to investigate all of this, and details about the measures taken to ensure the customers, especially the ones who feel vulnerable because of the situation get to speak to a supervisor right away, and also a way to contact JP Morgan Chase financial to discuss these practices by the warranty department of Sears, and I want someone from standards and practices to contact me to discuss with me the ISO standing of Sears and the details of their certification, so I can determine if I need to report your company to a standards commission.
I want documentation addressing everything I have sent in this thread as a whole.

If I am forced to do all this investigation because you are not Satisfying me, and I am taking the time to document everything, I would like you to do the same. As it is now 12:20PM and again today I have had to spend over 2.5 hours on all this stuff over and above the over 4.5 hours I had to spend on Monday....again....with no "Satisfaction" as you Motto guarantees.

Lynn Tucker

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