Friday, June 03, 2011

Parasols and Pantaloons,

This summer there is a really interesting festival taking place.
My friends Scott and Jessica have a great idea for summer fun:
Carnival Diablo Festival Of Wonders.

He is having a three day festival in Carleton Place at the end of July.

There is camping and events and there will be vendors and psychics and all sorts of old traveling faire-type entertainment.

The Paranormal Show , Prof. Crookshank's Traveling Medicine Show , The Diablo World of Wonders , The Missing Link Attraction , The THING , Kevin Quain and the Mad Bastards , The Magic Lantern Show , Gypsy Fortune Tellers, the Artists Village, Special Guests, Great Food, Diabolic Games and more!

I am imagining the the Steampunk crowd will be there. So I am trying to decide the wardrobe for Carl and I. I was thinking of making us some victorian swimwear. I would love some bloomers and a sailor jumper for the water! Can you imagine Carl in the striped jersey tank and long-short onesie?

I have been looking at tea-dress styles to see if I can design a nice one for the weekend. Something in a seersucker perhaps. I already have a great hat that my Dad gave me.

The great thing about an event like can take some fine china dishes with you and eat your lunch on them! Camping with china! WooT!

For those who would just like to watch the folks daring enough to costume in the heat, you are welcome too! For all of the info check out the site


Come and join the big party! Plan your summer camping at this festival. There are also cottages and yurts in the area for rent!

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Sue St Clair said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! :)