Thursday, February 16, 2012

Change In The Tucker World

Another post that was written months ago and I didn't post.

Over the past year my posts have been low in number. As usual my health has restricted me, and I received a serious injury that has sidelined me for a year.
I am tired of compounded health problems and the strain it puts on our family situation. It makes us unable to socialize like we used to, and it makes it really hard for me to participate in my own life...let alone other peoples' lives.
For over a year we have been trying to buy a bungalow in our area. Something that is maintenance free with small property. There has been nothing available with small property here.

In the New Year Carl got a great opportunity to take a job with Durham College/UOIT as and IT Project Manager and parlé that job into The IT Support Manager, so he took it. It is a great job. He loves it. But the snag is that it is a 1hr drive on back country roads to get there every day, and a 1hr drive home again. That seems no different than many commutes for folks on the HWY 400 or HWY 404, but it is different.

Carl has not driven his commute in well over 10 years. He does not do so well with long distance trips now, they exhaust him, and the country roads can be hazardous in winter. Black ice and zero visibility snow squalls can make the trip treacherous.

We have found our new house! We move in between April 10th and April16th.

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