Sunday, December 16, 2007

The East Coast Of North America Is In A Huge Storm Surge.

What Happens To Ontario In Winter, When That Happens?

Snow! Lots of Snow!

We Are In A Winter Wonderland. A Week Before Christmas and 5.5 days to the Winter Solstice.

It is very cold here in the countryside north of Toronto. We are under about a 40 hr storm watch. We are in a lull of the storm right now, so everyone is trying to clean up the snow before the next wave of snow, and possibly ice.

We are beyond our monthly average of snow now. Plus we have unusually unproductive winters for snow in the past 15 years so for some living here this is the first time they have ever seen snow like this! It fine powder because it is so dry in the air and cold. But the powder blows in the winds and drifts.

This was what it looked like here before we got the new snow:

This is a video Carl and Cam driving in the snowy driveway today:

We have garden doors out to the backyard. I opened the door and this is how high the snow was up the door. This is about 19inches from the patio plus about 3 inches above the edge. So 22 inches up the door. This is blown and drifted. But the patio was shoveled before the snow started:

Our cedar hedge is almost covered:

The chimina fire pot is on the patio, and the edge of the snow mound from shoveling yesterday is barely visible:

Our roofs are piled with snow, and the icicles are left over from last week's storm.
The snow on the roof makes the houses very warm.
Lots of fireplaces burning today:

This is a video of the Neighbourhood Shoveling before the next wave of snow:

Check in later and see more snow! Plus look at the post below. I have a fun game for you to play to shake the season stress!


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