Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Highlights of the Christmas Holiday

We had a great Christmas.
It was so busy I was unable to post through the whole time off.

Christmas Eve we invited our neighbours over for good cheer and a late meal.

We served Meatballs Bourgundy, Chili, Lasagna, Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, Cheese and Crackers, fruit, cakes, and cookies, plus roast ham and roast beef cold cuts.

The younger folk took over the basement and the livingroom,

All the others were in the family room.

Knit Owl created this lovely LOLrus toy and sent it to Alex. He had done a Digg tribute in flash for Poor ole LOLrus's passing. Alex is wearing his Digg hoody and cuddling his much loved arghile LOLrus.

Tere made me this lovely Flourite pendant for Christmas. I have to tell you I am sooo close to losing 50 lbs. I am wearing clothes here from 1995.

Cam being alouffe.

Christmas morning, my parents came for brunch, and we then opened presents.
Carl, Mom, Cam
Papa opening his stocking from Santa.

The carnage of the stockings:

Mom and Cam
Amber's first Christmas Morning with us.

Alex and Amber

Carl and Grum
Al and Amber each got a kissing puppy. Amber decided they made great new earrings!

We headed to the basement to see Cam's new Xbox360

Candy had never been in the lower two floors of the villa. For Christmas we decided to let her have full run of the house. She was thrilled to find high places to hang out in the basement!

The Christmas fairy boughs.

The ceramic tree my grandmother made over 30 yrs ago, plus the two I made 15 yrs ago.
Christmas Day Dinner.

On boxing day (Dec 26th) we had a whore frost that left lovely decorative crystals on the trees.

That night we played 20th anniversary Trivial Persuit.

January 6th.
We joined Carl's Mom to celebrate her 95th birthday.

I gave my Grand Nephew his first baby blanket this day. These are a couple of pictures of the blanket I made, and designed.


TorAa said...

What a Christmas. Seems a bright and lucky family gathering. And Cam in the basement, maybe that was the big bang.
The ceramic x-mas trees are beautiful


Have a great 2008

Mother of Invention said...

You were really busy making food for all your company and what a spread it is! I love leftovers though so we've had turkey soup for the last week at least!
Glad you had a great Christmas..we did too, a little too busy with getting together with people though.

Daphne said...

Happy new year lynn!!!
Will post new pics of my house as soon as i get time!!!
Wish you the best for new year 2008!!!

Daphnezinzin, Belgium.

RennyBA said...

I was sure I've commented this before - at least I've red it a time ago.

What a lovely Christmas holiday you've had - so great to gather with family and friends and what lovely table and gifts.

I could tell you had a white Xmas too :-)

Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2008!

Wilson Pon said...

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RheLynn said...

So many pictures of your Christmas and it has been so long since I've been on the browser where I can see the video. Great video of Candy cat! She has really gotten big. So nice to see LoLrus and his new owner by the tree as well ;)

Hope you are doing well still.