Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wow Weird January!

It has been a weird January. The skies have been grey so long, I don't even know if I remember what colour the sun is.

It has been blaaah January.
We are seeing temperatures on average of -22 degrees celcius with wind chill. The snow is low because it is way too cold. But, the wind is absolutely horrid.

I am laying low a bit. Finishing up some knitting projects and writing bits and pieces of what might end up to be a very creepy thriller.
Oh, and by the way....the thriller is not based on anything in my weird world. But, perhaps a few odd memories of my childhood, that sound just gory enough to work in a thriller.

How in the world could someone conjure up a piece of fiction using memories of childhood? Well, my Dad was a cop and my Grandfather worked in the pathology Dpt of a large hospital, and once in a while Dad's and my Grandfather's paths would cross over a dead body in the retrieval of evidence. Gramps came to our house for dinner on the weeknights, and on such days we would often get served liver for dinner by Mom. Cuz we were just funny that way!

Strange coincidences? Or is information shared for the irony to occurr? Or, are some peoples' lives just ironic?

If by any chance you didn't get the message: Picture Dad and Grandfather over a body in the morgue collecting evidence from the organs of the victim, then coincidentally Mom serves liver for dinner............

If you still don't get it...........
You might as well just read another blog, cuz I must be really missing the communication mark!


Teena said...

Our weather has been crazy, hasn't it?!

Can't wait to read the book when it's done!

RennyBA said...

Estream weather here in Noway and Sweden too. Mostly above freezing, so very little snow but a lot of rain and wind. But: there is still a bit left of the winter season, so I do hope for snow.

Wishing you a lovely end to your week :-)