Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened AT The Casino.........
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So.....A week ago or so I took Cam and his friend up to Casino Rama so they could go see "Weird Al" Yankovic in concert.
Casino Rama is about an hour drive north of our place.

Cam and his buddy didn't feel comfortable driving up there, cuz they didn't want to risk getting lost.
I don't know about Casinos in other places but Rama is on an Indian Reservation on a not-so- travelled, two lane highway, in Northern Ontario's cottage country. It really isn't near a major city. It is near a large town in the middle of nowhere. So I completely understood when they wanted a ride.

So I went up.
We got to the Casino early enough to get the Buffet dinner, before the guys went off to the show.
I told the guys I would text message if I was gonna go and see the show, cuz I just wasn't sure if I wanted to Gamble or what.

I finished my coffee at the Buffet and began my slow saunter around the perimeter of the Casino. When I saw this quarter machine with a big sign that said "hot new machine!". It wasn't one of those machines that took 20million quarters to max bet, so I thought I would try it.
I put my casino card in the tally slot. I took out my $20.00 bill, and put it in the machine. I pressed max bet and I won the jackpot on the 10x bonus feature.

I was suddenly over $200.00 richer on one pull of the slot machine! I called Carl right away on my cell phone. I said, "Tell me to walk away..."

After very little coaxing, I was collecting my card and my jackpot ticket and leaving the Casino. A total of three seconds to win.

I walked right to the box office and told them that I just won a jackpot and decided I better leave the Casino while I was ahead. And I asked if they had any tickets left for "Weird Al"
The girl asked me for my casino card. She swiped it and then got a single ticket for me. She said, there you go VIP. For free. Enjoy the show!
I won and got VIP status for the show!
5th row floor seat all by myself. Cam was center on the next level.
There were three seats beside me and then the isle.

As naive as I can be sometimes, I didn't realize I was a plant. A VIP plant in a special seat.
In the first quarter of the show "Weird Al" comes down off the stage and grabs my hand and sings his silly ballad to me and then jumps up on the three seats beside me and does a stripper dance. All along I am videoed and on the big screen, and Cam is yelling, "That's My Mom!"

So now "Weird Al" is my idol :)

Halfway through the show I remembered I had my camera, and I got this collection of video snippets and some great photos of the show!

Turn up your speakers and click the Arrow!

click any photos to see them bigger


TorAa said...

Both the Jack Pot and a free VIP Ticket for the Show. You must be born under a lucky star.

(Your video was not available when I read this post).

Commenting from my Son in Michigan.

julietk said...

Wow you did have an aventful day , my son love Wierd al he watches his bits on you tube all of the time. x Juliet