Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow The Holiday Is Over!

The Holiday was too short!.....and too wet!
But we had fun any how.

Some of you might have been following my twitter stream and know how it went. You can look at that stream in my sidebar.

I will have pictures and video in the next days.

I want to tell everyone of the success of the ebay sales!
Things have gone better than I expected! I have gotten some regular customers out of it, and they are the nicest people......

But what I never got a chance to tell about is the charity stuff I am going to do with some of the miniatures. Soon there will be details on how folks can bid on miniatures of mine that will go 100% of profits to a local fund raiser.

I made a cat for the fund raiser before I went away, and I am so proud that the bidding on that cat fetched $150.00 toward a life-saving operation for an orphaned cat named Bella!
I will be posting here and in my face book details of how to participate in this fund raiser and get a cool miniature too!

Over the years I have posted about animal care fundraisers from my area which are all organized by my friend Nicole Dente. She is a huge animal care and rights activist in our area. She is a friend of my Sons' too. We are a town surrounded by a huge rural area, and there is a lot of abuse of animals here, and we have groups who try really hard to make sure the SPCA doesn't have to put-down animals unnecessarily. These groups are caring people who organize foster care for sick animals while they seek adoptive families for them, and folks like Nicole who plead with the public to help with small donations towards surgeries for animals in really bad shape.

Nicole's heart is in the right place. Her friends are awesome people who really really care about animals and truly believe we all have to be responsible for these poor pets.

Nicole is going to try to get non-profit status for her fund raising. Till now everyone has helped out financially on her merits alone. Now it is time for all of us to step up and support her so this licencing can move forward quickly while she still finds folks to care for these animals.

Tomorrow I will have a meeting with Nicole and we will be starting the ball rolling.

I want help from bloggers please. I will put up a linky. Please add yourself to the linky if you would like to post a link for Nicole's fundraiser and awareness program on your blog. I really want folks to know what her headlines mean. I want as much exposure as I can get for her.

If you have ever fostered an animal awaiting adoption please tell us about it in comments. If you have an experience you would like to share about your terrific adopted pet please let us know.

Please come back and read the next post, and add yourself to the linky if you wish to participate.

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