Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Have Some Movies I Want To Share About!

City Of Ember:

This is a 2008 sleeper.
In Canada it was a limited release film and it was not highly publicized.
I think this was a huge mistake!

If you like Sci Fi, Thriller, and or Fantasy, you need to see this movie! There are lots of familiar faces and the story is rich! I really like this story and the movie must be put on your MUST SEE list!

Al put me on to this film and I was really fortunate to get a chance to view it!

Here is the trailer:

The Lost Room:

This was a mini series released by the SciFi Channel. Originally it was three episodes playing at about 1.5 hrs each.
This too has some great known faces in it, and this story is being compared to "Heroes"...but more believable.
The concept in the story is intriguing. It is ScFi and a Crime drama rolled into one.
If you like Law And Order, or Heroes, or Lost, or even StarGate you will really like this movie.
The story is not futuristic, it is contemporary.

Here is the Trailer:

I know I don't talk about movies often. Carl and I watch more movies than TV. We are still movie theatre goers too. We haven't just fallen into waiting until the film comes out on video. We really enjoy getting out go to a film. We see all the popular movies, and once in a while we get to see some not so popular ones that are soo interesting too. You hear a the hype and the news about the films so I don't often share about them here. I will share about one of the popular ones out now too though.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button:

This movie is a really interesting story. It is a long film that does not feel long. Carl and I were both really into the story and the time went fast. I was thrilled at the CGI in this movie. I was also really happy to see it was not an old story. Many good films are from old books, that could be close to 100yrs old. This story proves itself to have been developed from this current time and I really like that.

Here is the trailer:


RennyBA said...

I don't go to the cinema very often. The last film I saw was about Max Manus, a national hero from the resistance movements in the second world war in Norway and you've probably red about it on my blog.

zingtrial said...

Nice I would like to see the full movie now .Thanks for sharing :).Wishing you well

RheLynn said...

We enjoyed City of Ember too.