Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jane Fonda Is Writing A Blog, and she is on Twitter!

I have a strange list of folks who are famous who I think are quite interesting.
One of the women who has always interested me is Jane Fonda.
She was the activist actress who could piss of my Dad the easiest, so in my secret delight I have always thought she was awesome! I know Mom likes her too.

So I was watching TV the other morning and she was in an interview about a new play she is doing in New York called "33 Variations". My ears perked up even more when I heard her talking about her blog and using Twitter.

Jane's website is

Her Bog web address is

Perhaps she will notice us and come read our blogs....

1 comment:

RennyBA said...

I'm looking forward to a visit from Mrs. Fonda too :-)

Wishing you a great end to your week!