Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hey Mom!

Hey Mom………….
Do you remember when you were expecting me?
Remember when I bopped and wiggled inside?

Do you remember when you first held me
When I giggled and when I cried?

Do you remember the first time I wore shoes,
And the times that I skinned my knees?

Do you remember when I had my tonsils out
And when I used manners…”Thank You……Please”

I remember growing up.
Barbie Dolls and tea sets.
Our Budgie
that pooped in the living room lamps
And when we got the dog.

Long drives and long holidays
elling, travelling
Listening to wolves as the great moon rises
Dipping our toes in the water.

Nighttime round the campfire circles
Filled with friends and laughter.

Do you remember when I started school?
Or when I Graduated…….

I grew up and went to Science School

And learn, and learned again.

One day I told you I would Marry
And another I told I would have a child.

One boy……
Two boys…….
Now they’re Men.

Has time flown by that quickly?
From my birth to my children as men…….?

My life as and adult, a mother and wife.
The years have been packed full, yet fleeting

Now I sit at the Dining Table surrounded by Men Telling me stories of their day.

Towering over me
Deep voices laughing

Give Mom a pat on the head as they leave me…..

One to his office upstairs…..
One to the recording studio out there……

Planning, dreaming Ever dynamic
Chip chip chip away at time.

Hey Mom

Do you remember when you were expecting me…………?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love Lynn


郑重-Ali said...

i think what you write is very beautiful and with deep emotion. i also learn something from it .you sad you read my blog randomly .now i 've write smt about the festival ,could you give me some advice ,thank you .

Daphne said...

Hi there, she so lovely your mother!!!! I've got two new furnitures on my blog, if you want to see!!!
Have a great day!!!