Monday, May 22, 2006

This Story Sparked a Memory Actually…….many memories. Funny how Myth is……..isn’t it?

Carl and I went to see the Da Vinci Code on Sunday afternoon.
The Witch and the Master Mason enter the establishment. Waiting to hear a great mystery……..

Carl has read all of the books that are at the forefront of this story.
I have read none.

Yet within my mind I remember stories I was told as a very small child.

My Gramps was a very thin, yet very strong man.
His nature was to be a bit slow, yet his mind was quick.
He was never in a hurry.
He was best when he was one with nature.

When I was a little little girl I remember stories my grandfather would tell me as we worked in his garden.

His garden.
To the layman this place was just a mess of probably weeds.
But to the Heritage it was a maze. A pathway that lead to a story.
Every flower and fruit grown there had a reason and a presence.

Each flower had a use and he taught me about the ladder of the flowers.
I realise he had waited to share this information with me…..

I am not sure how he was to know I would be the one to pronounce my faith, or perhaps I was just the easiest one of the grandchildren he could relate to.

I remember sitting on the gravel mound at the end of the East driveway listening to my grandfather explain Christianity.
Why was Christianity so important? Well, each day we gazed over the East driveway we stared onto the steps of Saint Theresa, Shrine of the Little Flower.
It was always good to know the history of those you break bread with.

Before my mother was born my Gramps taught Sunday school.
He made our gravel mound a sacred teaching site so I could learn about the Bible.
He told me the story of Adam and Eve, of the great Floods, of the formation of the multiple tongues, the Exodus of the Jews, the birth and crucifixion of Jesus.

But in telling me these stories he told me something that I thought everyone knew.
He told me of the woman who would become Jesus’ wife, and why God had created this relationship.
How Jesus would learn humility through her experiences in life. And how he learned more of compassion through her faith in him as a man. Trust was solidified in Jesus’ relationship with Mary Magdalene.

He told me that this relationship was Jesus’ only opportunity to understand the relationships his followers had, and that Jesus learned of commitment and routine from this relationship. I was told that it was a myth alone, that Jesus only taught people. He also was bound to learn as well.
It was in this information that my Grandfather taught me that through marriage we learn commitment, compromise, and routine.

Honestly I thought everyone learned this. I had no idea that Christians weren’t taught this in Sunday school.
So all the hoopla of the DaVinci code was a bit confusing to me.
It is only now that I realise that what I was close to alone among my peers, in my belief that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus. Oh those talks with me were over 36 years ago.

That same summer, a stray cat had kittens in my grandfather’s Tiger Lilies. He made me come over to see the kittens. And on this day he told me about parenting. He told me,

“Look at this cat. She searched for a place that would be safe to have her kittens. Against the house and sheltered from the rain. In tall shoots to hide herself and her babies. When the kittens are bigger and can move she will go to a place where, if the kittens roam, she won’t lose track of them. This is no different than when humans have kids. It is important to always consider what the kids will do next, and the Mom always has to think only of keeping those kids safe. So if Mommy wants you to do something it is because she has already considered the consequences. So you always have to listen to your parents.”

It is funny how this stuff stuck with me.
I was probably told that story because I was being a brat that day.

It really did influence me when I became a parent.
I always lived by two rules. Your baby will tell you what it needs, you just have to listen. And your parents are always right, even though at that moment you may not see the justice in it.




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Daphne said...

Where's the picture of your grand-mother???
I want to see her!!!

Lynn said...

Oh Daphne I didn't forget about my Grandmother. She died before I was married. I am getting some slide pictures made digital. When I get them from the photo place I will post them. Thanks for being so interested. I think that is cool!