Friday, May 19, 2006

Wedding Cakes Are Us

I bet you have all wondered why a week has gone by and I haven’t written a word.

I am sure some of you thought, ”Oh Finally! The Chick has shut up!”

Well I was a bit busy.

My Mother-in-Law, Lillian has come up for a visit.
She arrived just as Amber, Alex’s Girlfriend, left.

Lillian has gotten me into a great adventure!

Chris and Hilionor are getting married, and Lillian decided she would bake their wedding cake as a gift for them.
Lillian turned 93 in January. Baking a traditional three tiered wedding cake is an amazing feet for a woman her age.

Lillian does not decorate wedding cakes though. Years ago (over 10) I would decorated a cake if she needed it done.
Chris and Hilionor were quoted between $300.00-$800.00 for a baker to decorate the wedding cake.

Lillian asked me if I would do it for them at a better price. I said I’d try.
I haven’t decorated a special cake like that for so long, and I did not want the Bride and Groom to be disappointed.
I went to see them just around Easter.
We talked about what they wanted and they told me their ideas for the cake.

I decided to make them a demo cake from a Styrofoam form so they had an idea of the kind of the colours they could choose from, and to see if I came close to being able to create what they had in their mind for the cake.

Hils said she wanted pale coloured flowers and an off-white cake.
I showed her some cascades of flowers and she said she liked that.
So I have now created the demo cake.
It is champagne/or ivory coloured with a pearl coloured accent trim with pale champagne/or ivory, pink, white, and blue flowers.
I used two colours of pale green leaves, in three varieties of leaf style to accent the cascades.

I am hoping to create a pure icing 3 dimensional filigree heart centre piece as the cake topper.
If I was successful there will be a picture in the slideshow at the end of the piece.

After two weeks of candy flower making, my dining room is now officially re-named Wedding Cakes Are Us.
My friends who visit get to sit with me and have tea and watch me build flowers now.
Honestly, I am afraid I am gonna go blind from all the sugar around me! Hee Hee
( I am a diabetic, so my family understands when I tell them don’t let me lick my fingers!)

I am very satisfied with the demo cake.

But I found out something.
One should never build a wedding cake in front of their sons’ girlfriends.
It really gives those girls crazy notions.
I spent all Week going out with Amber and she was showing me all the stuff she wants on HER cake!
It is fun to dream, but I think she and I got a bit carried away.

Poor Alex.

He sat there so sweetly as she showed him every page, of the wedding cake book, that she liked.

I am sure he was just thinking to himself, “Sure, yeah. I will look at any Wedding cake you want as long as you shut up about wanting a kitten!”

So Saturday is the day Chris and Hils will come up and look at the demo, and decide exactly what parts of the demo they want for their cake.

And I can take a bit of a break from icing flowers and get out in my garden with the real ones.




Jiemin said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for dropping by to read my blog. It's really just a place for me to vent my frustrations. There was a change in theme from robot to faerie to normal life in between, so that's a bit odd.

Anyway, wedding cake? It looks lovely! Oh, I was thinking, if the flowers trellis down, maybe a 2nd layer to show off the curl down would look good? But it looks delicious as it is!

I read your profile too. Wicca? Exciting! I always think that modern witches are just practitioners of natural medicine more than anything else, like the use of nature without destroying nature. Absolutely salutable!

Will sign off now... take care, and I'll come back for a read once in a while!


Lynn said...

jiemin you are correct!

This was just a demo cake. The proper cake will be three layers with the cascades of flowers down two of them.

I am glad another has my imagination!