Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lost In The Shuffle!

Well last week I got this email from Dad.
No words, just this scan of his golf card.
I looked at it and saw he had an 84. Not bad, but definitely not his best.
So I didn't really look at it much more than the final score and I closed it, figuring he miss hit my email addy while sending the scores to his pals he plays with.
But no.
A few hours after that Mom sent an email, "Your Dad got a hole-in-one!"
Oh duhhh, why else would he send me the golf card.

You can click on the images to see them bigger.

So to honour Dad for his 3rd lifetime hole-in-one.
I tried using my tablet to draw a cartoon of him.
If you can't read the bubble it says, "Hey! WAit! My ball's stuck in a hole-in-one!"
Kinda Dad humour.


Teena said...

Congrats to dad! Whoohoo!!

I've never played golf but Gord does.

Mother of Invention said...

Congrats! I think my dad's only ever had one. Your dad shoud buy a lottery ticket!!

zingtrial said...

Hi pal long time sine I blogged
Congrats He!He!He! Is he good or what? :) .
Wish you well

TorAa said...

For the third time. He is good at it.
I've only done hole in one at mini golf;))

Laurie said...

Hey!!! that's a pretty darn good drawing.