Saturday, August 18, 2007

There Are Days..................!

When you open the email and a thousand people have sent you some sort of joke, or chain letter, or power point presentation to another Celine Dion song, and you think.......

Do I have the strength to make the effort to look at all of these RIGHT NOW, or can it wait till tomorrow?

Then, of course, you wait till tomorrow, there are 2 thousand such emails to get through.

This was one of those weeks.
I didn't look at much of my email, and lost within the email was this fannytastic video.
(you must have your speakers on for this)

And just when you thought it could not get any funnier, here is one of a girl watching the video you just watched.

I hope you didn't pee your pants!


RennyBA said...

My pants are still dry, but I had a good laugh anyway - thanks for sharing!
While I'm at it: Wish you a great end to your week:-)

RheLynn said...

I did laugh a little at the girl - the old guy should have been doing Porky Pig's laugh on tv!

Teena said...

Doug's got a great laugh!

That girl's laugh scared my cat! Ha!

cheh said...

lol that's a great one!thanks for sharing!

TorAa said...

Ooops, what are you up to here?
I'm confused - suddenly we got Summer again - 27 C and Sunny after more than 10 weeks with "Green Winter".

Working from 7 am to 6:15 pm - coming home to the Summerhouse at 7:05 pm - in the shadow - stitting on our platform - picking ticks from out hairy friends - a glass of White Wine - TV in yhe background - Can you believe it: Norway 2 - Argetnina 1 - in a soccer match (Football)

Alle dinner this evening was from the garden - except the Fish.

Have a great end of the Week.