Friday, August 24, 2007

About My New Logo

So up top is one of my original photos from my array "The View From My Small Window"

This array is a collection of photos I have taken across Canada and the United States and Mexico while driving a Long Haul Transport Truck. Through the small window of a moving truck.

One day I will present the array in full.
For now, this one is my new logo.

The logo work is on because My Dot Com and Dot Ca sites are being built.
Carl has taken on the project under the instruction of Al, so I can market my Knitting Invention.

These days the Tucker house is trying to wind down the summer with some last minute projects and a great BBQ with our friends from PSICAN on Sunday, so I won't be on much till mid next week.

Coming up is a presentation of photos of the ROM (The Royal Ontario Museum)
Plus Interviews with Paul Bruneau and Steve Loney- the wonderful Native Carvers I met this summer.

Knit or Knot has just brought out their fall lineup of classes, so click on their icon to get the info.

I feel like the grist mill wheels are turnin' now and there seems to be this flow in our life happening.

Have a great weekend!


RheLynn said...

What a wonderful time, enjoy it!

RennyBA said...

The top photo is great - congrats on a new blog look!

Sound like your gonna have fun so enjoy!

Wishing you a great end to your week:-)

zingtrial said...

Hi Cool looking blog He!He!He!Have a nice weekend, enjoy yourself,Wishing you all the best :)