Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Summer Is For Celebration With International Flare!

The CNE: Canadian National Exhibition

Once again I can celebrate our vast Canadian culture.
The biggest way we do this is at our largest fair.

From the Wednesday closest to the 17th of August through until Labour Day, Toronto celebrates with the CNE.
We call it "The Ex" (short for exhibition)

The fair grounds is in the centre of the city of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario, next to our Harbour, and across from Center Island.
It is bound by Straughn Avenue in the East, and Dufferin in the West, and ends on the Lake.
The Gates with the angel on the top are The Princess Gates.
You can see our Province of Ontario Flag flying here.
The CNE is a true fair. There are animal show competitions for pets and farm animals. There is a huge horse show. Agricultural displays, horticultural displays, crafts and hobbies displays, international goods, and a whole building dedicated to Food! The eating of food, the making of food and the buying of food(like groceries). And of course, carnival rides and games. Plus gambling and Bingo! You can, pet a lamb, buy clothes and jewelry, get fat, wear off the fat sweatin on rides, work up another appetite watchin' the horse show, eat more, then go look at the flowers or take in a stage show, then drink and gamble till you are poor. All in one place!

In the International building I sampled the self shiatzu massager. It was that icky and great feeling all at once as the machine kneaded my spine.

Clothes, textiles, and jewelry are abundant from every country in this building.

Outside we get glimpses of the carnival rides in the Midway.
Carnie Callers encourage folks to part with their money for a chance at a prize.

Along the midway road towards the Princess gates you can spy the CN tower and the city skyscrapers.

The sights and sounds of the CNE:
click on the arrow and wait to see the video

The snowball express ride is a favorite of all. It is always the first ride you come to at the Midway.

This video ends with Cam in his seat on the ride:

The Giant Ferris Wheel
I spy a place to get great photos from!

Cam and I are in the car of the Ferris Wheel
Great views of the Midway rides and the Lake, and Center Island

In the distance is the Downtown of Toronto

On top of the water is Ontario Place. It was built in the '70s and is over the water for the most part. It has free admission with the CNE pass during these weeks.

This is our new BMO Field for the Toronto FA soccer team.
This is our first summer for this baby. It is huge, and takes up alot of the fair grounds.

Along-side the stadium stands Toronto's first wind turbine generator.

If you look closely at this Toronto photo you can see the tiny Angel which sits atop the Princess Gates. At least it looks tiny compared to the big buildings.

On the Lake Ontario shores there are many Yacht and Sailing Clubs

Below is my favorite photo. The Midway road lined on either side by street lamps gives an illusion of a tunnel toward the Princess Gates arch and out to the skyscrapers.

Jamaican Fire Dancers

The Lego tower

These videos show our fun on a ride. This was hard to capture as the centrifugal force was strong and I had to work hard to hold the camera, and not have it fly out of my hands.

Dont miss the video below. You will never believe it if you dont watch it!

The Canadian Military Reserves had a display. The Armouries for the Reserves is at Fort York which is a real working Armouries and a historical military fort. The Reservists show off their vehicles and sport banners that will be sent to Afghanistan for troop moral.

The Piper at sunset

The Rangers are the Trade that Alex and Carl are in. We met some of their colleagues at the display.

Cam writing his thank you greeting on a banner bound for Afghanistan.

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This was a special Day for Cam and I. It represented the last excursion we will have together before he is off to College on Sept 4th

And finally I cannot leave this day, which is Wed Aug 29th without remembering my friend Wendy. A year ago (Tuesday) Wendy passed away. She is( Alex's Girlfriend) Amber's mom, and my friend who lived two years after her double lung transplant. I miss her very much.

She became a big part of our life in 2004 when she came to live with us while awaiting her transplant. It gave us a great chance to really get to know her, and Amber better. Our lives were enriched when she came to be with us, and it is a huge loss not to have her here with us today. She was one awesome lady!

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Though I live just blocks from the Ex, I didn't get there this year. But now I feel like I have :)