Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The ROM and Vegetarian Dinner

I am playing catch-up with my journaling. This is a few weeks old, but I didn't have time to publish it till now.

Carl and I went down to the ROM. The Royal Ontario Museum.
I have been a Curator's Circle Member for quite a number of years.

In the early years of my children, I was a Member of the Metro Toronto Zoo. When the boys were school age I had a membership to the Science Centre. And now my family is grown up and we have grown up interests I am a Member of the Museum.

Actually Myself and Al are members. We chose this so each of us could always take one adult guest each, and up to 4 children 18 and under.
Members also get a chance to do excursion trips all over the world, with an archaeologist as their guide.

The ROM has gone through a big re-vamp.
A large crystal atrium has been created to encase large exhibits, and to moderize the building, dropping in the Museum service here from the 19th century to the now 21st century.
Carl looking at the new entrance on Bloor Street and University Avenue
The tip of the Michael Lee Chin Crystal which is the new entrance to the museum.

The main hall has a glimpse of each of the eras and cultures represented in the great rooms.
Classical history, Paleontology

Gems, rocks and minerals
Ancient Asia

"They came to a wigwam. It was a long wigwam
with a door at each end. The man inside the wigwam said,
"I have lived here since the world began, I have my grandmother's hair
she was here when the world was made....."
The entrance to the Native Peoples Exhibit
Birch Bark Canoes

Regalia of Joseph Brant

Hand crafted baskets with fine quill work. Porkupine quills are ebroidered into the baskets.
Beadwork on regalia
Fine leatherwork
pictographs on a hide
beaded dog coats

Inuit display



Folk art

Kensington Market for dinner.

Chris shows us the vegetarian faire


RheLynn said...

Wonderful photos and description of the place! I would love to visit there someday but you've given us a good head start. I love the type of Native American art you've shown, the woven blanket and prints like its style especially.

Hope you will be feeling better and have lots of energy soon!

Laurie said...

Those are great photos of the installations Lyn. I love looking at Native history. That add on to the ROM...Horrendous !!!

Teena said...

I haven't been to the ROM in ages. I should go check it out!