Monday, November 26, 2007

I Am Interrupting The Posts On Our Adventures In New England To Bring You SNOW!

For the last week we have been surprising our Family in Toronto with email pictures from our House in the countryside an hour north of the city.

We had just shy of 6 inches of accumulation about 5 days ago.
Today and tonight we are getting dumped upon again!

It took Cameron about 2 hrs to shovel, as the snow is packing snow and very heavy.
Our poor holiday lights are buried under a deep pile of snow on the bush.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day Three Of The Earth Spirit Conference

There were a lot of people at the conference.
It was really interesting being in a building full of like-minded people.

I felt a real sense of comfort standing within the crowd.
No ulterior agendas. Everyone really curious about crop circles and sacred places.

The list of presenters:

Marcus Mason: Soul-Centered Astrologer. He explained the concept of Sacred-Centre of the Universe in scientific terms with spiritual references.

Nancy Talbot: who studies Crop Circles and Sacred Sites and Spiritual references to both. She gave a great talk about her most recent research and witnessing of crop circles being formed and of a man in the Netherlands who is the first person who can predict when and where a crop circle will be formed. Her research is leaning toward crop circles being created by spiritual beings more than extra terrestrials.

Sacred Ground Dancers-Jane Buchan and Lynn Hartwood: rallied the group for a sacred ground dance. There is a large group of sacred dancers in Vermont. I met several of their friends at the conference lunches.

Francine Blake: Is a Canadian crop circle researcher who talked about the history of the crop circle phenomenon in Wiltshire England. Plus she relayed the information that so many sacred places in Great Britain are also sites where crop circles are regularly found. She also talked about lay lines of sacred places and the energy which empowers these places. She is the editor of The Spiral.

Hamish Miller: Is a dowser from Trencrom Hill in Cornwall. He has transversed most of the sacred lay lines of the world. He recorded The Sun and The Serpant. He added to the theories posed by Francine Blake about the famous Michael/Mary line.
I picked up his video while I was there, and he autographed some books for me, and I was fortunate to get one of his sacred symbols pendants. He is also one of the founders of the Parallel Community.

Ross Holcomb: and his wife Meredith did a great presentation on sacred signals to a shift which is effecting everyone. They also had beautiful photos of their quest, their crop circle experiences, and what this shift will mean for mankind.

Martin Gray: a world renowned photographer did a presentation of a slideshow of sacred places over the whole world he has photographed through his life. His work is in National Geographic and other great publications.

Glenn and Cameron Broughton: made the conference happen. They also do Sacred Britain Tours. I talked to so many people who have taken their tours. Many go back every year for the crop circle events, and experience them and the Sacred Places with Glenn and Cameron. They are adding a tour of sacred Ireland for 2008.

Tere and I met a couple who came to the conference from Newmarket. They used to live on a street in my neighbourhood!

There were several knitters in the crowd too.
The Woman with the pony tail was making felted fingerless gloves and gauntlets.

Tere had a blast browsing at the displays.
She really liked how she looked in this silk wrap.

I was feeling pretty good at the conference too. Dispite my foot killing me.
I tore a nerve in it just before we left to go to the conference.
TorAa wanted to know if I am still losing weight.
Yes I am. Even if it is hard to tell with this jacket on.
I have gone down so many sizes, I had to take-in some suits so I could wear them to the conference.
I am down 5 clothing sizes. And I am wearing cloths I purchased in 1998.

The sunsets were always spectacular!

These are some of the great things I scored at the conference.

This is the fireplace in the dining lounge, where we ate each day.

On the last day I awoke early to find a deep frost glistening on the mountain.
They were going to begin snow production on the night we were leaving.

One of the other knitters and I hanging out during a break.
We were having a blast knitting and chatting about our works.

We are each making a cardigan sweater.
Yet we each were building our sweaters in different fashions.
She was using a conventional knit pattern, and mine is one that is knit in a circle and the circle begins in the middle of the back of the sweater.

This woman was the most interesting speaker at the conference, as far as I am concerned. Her name is Jude Currivan. She is the author of The Wave, The Eighth Chakra, and The Thirteenth Step.

She is an Astral Physicist, a pagan and a spiritualist.

I really liked everyone's presentations, and they were not redundant to me at all. For me it just opened up the knowledge base I had, and blossomed it into a real understanding of the science and spirituality of the subjects of the conference.
The most emotional part of the whole conference was the end. We all stood in a circle and sang John Lennon's "Imagine"

Everyone here wants to make a difference in one way or another. It felt like the group as a whole could do it, at that moment.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Am Interrupting The Posts On The Earth Spirit Conference And Adventures In New England With This Public Service Announcement

Al was one of the first people in North America to get the new Mini Asus WiFi Computer!

This is a computer that is using the Linux Operating System to conserve memory. I don't know all the parameters but this baby packs a punch. It is the perfect portable unit. Has numerous USB ports and has built in Wi Fi, Web Cam and Mic system.
(oh and behind Al is our new Christmas tree)

Al has written all about it in his blog. See it Here.

The Tucker Men congregated to worship the machine!

Of course bragging rights go to Al for getting in on the ground floor.
I am on the waiting list.
Can you believe how small it is!?
But you can read the screen fine and the keyboard is Lynn-size!
Small enough for your pocket book or suit jacket pocket!

I feel like my kid is Bill Gates!
Oh worship of the nerdiness!

Drool away folks! Drool away!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day Two Of The Earth Spirit Conference
(check out the post below to see the beginning)
(click on the photos to see them larger)


Morning found us walking on a crisp frost. The Frost made nice patterns on the hood of the car.

The majority of the conference took place in The Ponds At Bolton Valley. It is a conference centre halfway down the mountain which is part of The Bolton Valley Resort.

The hall had a terrific view!

It had been so warm, that the crocuses were re-blooming! I believe this morning's frost was the first the mountain had see this fall.

Crop Circles are on the poster.
Crop Circles is the main subject of this conference.
The ideas shared here cover that the belief of the presenters is that crop circles are not extra terrestrial, but manifestations of spiritual beings.
Interesting enough there was a theory shared that extra terrestrials do have a part to play in this, but it is at the bidding of the spiritual beings. Enhancing the idea of a supreme energy.

This is the inside of the hall.

These are work boards made by the crop circle researchers. Each board holds photographs of crop circles titled by the year they appeared. The centre board is an index of the presenters and their credentials.

The quilts are made by an artist who has observed the crop circles first hand, and then is inspired by their shape to create a quilt representing the circle.

You can notice the view out of the windows. It is like the building is boxed by mountains.

We went shopping before lunch. We wandered the side road looking for shops.

The views out here are spectacular.

The resort has a view of the perfect sunset.