Monday, November 26, 2007

I Am Interrupting The Posts On Our Adventures In New England To Bring You SNOW!

For the last week we have been surprising our Family in Toronto with email pictures from our House in the countryside an hour north of the city.

We had just shy of 6 inches of accumulation about 5 days ago.
Today and tonight we are getting dumped upon again!

It took Cameron about 2 hrs to shovel, as the snow is packing snow and very heavy.
Our poor holiday lights are buried under a deep pile of snow on the bush.


TorAa said...

It's allmost unbelieveable to watch these pictures only a few weeks after you had an exceptional hot autumn.

RheLynn said...

Woohoo Snow :) I'd say I can't wait to see a little here if I didn't know we'd have to be moving stuff into a truck in a month or so ;)

So, did you go jump all over in it? Even for a few minutes?

Mother of Invention said...

You should see what we got last night and freezing rain predicted for tonight! Crazy Canuck weather. Says we're in for a colder snowier than usual winter so brace yourself!