Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day Two Of The Earth Spirit Conference
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Morning found us walking on a crisp frost. The Frost made nice patterns on the hood of the car.

The majority of the conference took place in The Ponds At Bolton Valley. It is a conference centre halfway down the mountain which is part of The Bolton Valley Resort.

The hall had a terrific view!

It had been so warm, that the crocuses were re-blooming! I believe this morning's frost was the first the mountain had see this fall.

Crop Circles are on the poster.
Crop Circles is the main subject of this conference.
The ideas shared here cover that the belief of the presenters is that crop circles are not extra terrestrial, but manifestations of spiritual beings.
Interesting enough there was a theory shared that extra terrestrials do have a part to play in this, but it is at the bidding of the spiritual beings. Enhancing the idea of a supreme energy.

This is the inside of the hall.

These are work boards made by the crop circle researchers. Each board holds photographs of crop circles titled by the year they appeared. The centre board is an index of the presenters and their credentials.

The quilts are made by an artist who has observed the crop circles first hand, and then is inspired by their shape to create a quilt representing the circle.

You can notice the view out of the windows. It is like the building is boxed by mountains.

We went shopping before lunch. We wandered the side road looking for shops.

The views out here are spectacular.

The resort has a view of the perfect sunset.


RheLynn said...

Great pictures and wonderful views indeed! You captured nice light in that golden tower picture :)

Teena said...

Wow! It looks like a lovely place!

TorAa said...

This all, landscape, sunset, buildings, everything looks so familiar - even though it's a "pond" between Canada and Northern Europe.

Then, It was a real difference to visit my daughter in Florida a week ago (4 days).

PS. She is Master of intl Marketing - now selling Water - she will know the moment of truth before being manager