Friday, April 11, 2008

Check Out The New Link On My Sidebar!

There are two new posts (even if the dates seem old) below this one.

So I am now listening to Buzz Online Radio. The folks from buzz are folks I play online games with on Pogo. We hang out in game rooms together and they take requests from the gamers while they DJ.

One of the DJ gals lives in Peterborough, so she is excited to get Canadians in her mostly American audience.

If you like rock and country and top 40 pop you will like Buzz. Remember though, that online radio is not regulated by other media regulations so you may hear some songs with racey lyrics, so don't be offended.

If you never have tried Pogo you should. It is free and it has a huge amount of games from cards to puzzles to slot machines. You can find me on Pogo as witchamy9. To head over to Pogo click here

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