Friday, April 11, 2008

What Do The Country Folk Do For Fun? Jammin' At The Legion!!

Once in a while we get together with our old friends from IronHorse band and get Jammin at the Bradford Legion!
Not like the old days when it was standin room only.....

See Younger folks are quite happy to go to the bar and pay $5.00 for a beer, but they don't realize that the beer at the legion is really cheap!
I don't drink myself, but all my friends do. I still have a great time with my cola.

The guys from IronHorse have been around these parts forever. Most of them made up Red Bandana which I am pleased to say I got to play with on more than one occasion.

Our friend Cliff is the drummer for both.
Cliff and Ann have been our friends since 1993. One of the first couples we hung around with when we moved from the city to the countryside.

We still do a lot of stuff with them. They are the friends we go camping with...

Ironhorse plays country, old country, rock, blues and bluegrass.

If you live in the Barrie, Bradford, Innisville, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, or Aurora area and want to get notified when the legion is going to have an open night of entertainment please email me. We would love to see you out! We would really like to see the room filled so we can do it weekly as a cheap night out for folks! My email is in the sidebar.

Cliffy is drummin'!
Carl (hubby) and Ann

Please come back to this post in the next few days.....I have videos to post, but for some reason blogger is having trouble downloading the videos today.


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