Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Explanation Of Haunted Footage Hoax

Well I scoffed this off another site. Cuz it is posted on YouTube.
I really like this video!
Finally someone daring enough to post the realistic approach to proving and disproving paranormal activity.
We spend lots of time watching TV shows that are just mimics of each other on the paranormal investigation theme.
Watching the investigators seek out the ghost, and get scared and excited, then the psychic comes in and channels or speaks with the dead people to get the scoop.

Most of my job as a psychic consultant for a Paranormal investigations unit is to scoop through poop.
I have to use regular ole detective work to weed out the sensationalized and fantasical from the possibly real. Folks don't mean to let their emotions run their mind when encountering something paranormal, but their mind does go off in tangents. My job is to take away the tangents and work with the facts to get a base to start from. Then I will have to do two more things.
The first thing is to prove my credibility by picking up on some piece of historical data I would not be able to find out by conventional means, that can be researched and credited by a historian, then:
Second I have to get a message of information that will help the team move in a specific direction to an answer.
I never know what the outcome will be, and we have always been surprised at what I find out. It is never quite what folks would predict.
We see a lot of stuff that is considered weird or freaky, and the technical team picks through the data of EVPs and Video and Photos and scrutinizes everything..... And if they are not sure they will call in another expert to get their opinion on the situation.

We disprove ourselves all the time. And that is what should happen. If every little nuance of info was not explainable then we would have been able to write the best how to prove ghosties book ever written well over 10 yrs ago.
Folks like PSICAN are scientific researchers. They approach each situation the same way, and they use protocol for collection of data.

I am glad for the video below.
It is an essence of what folks at PSICAN repeat to themselves all the time.
Objectivity is absolutely necessary.
There is no room for blind faith here.


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RennyBA said...

A readable post and a great vid to give reflection on good questions - thanks for sharing!