Monday, September 29, 2008

Success Is Only A Click Away!

These days I find myself feeling behind in my logging of events on my blog. I still have yet to post about the Brandywine Ball or the Welcoming of the new DDGM.
Frankly, I am overwhelmed a bit. The needle-felting part of the Motivated Motion Gallery is a quicker success than I imagined.
I am finding myself in a mad scramble to continue to do more and more miniatures.
I have a huge list in my head of things I want to see, but my poor fingers cannot work as fast as my mind can think the little creatures up!

This week I have worked on a rabbit and a siamese cat and "Weird Al-paca Yankovick". Please see the details about the development of the critters on the Gallery Blog, and within a couple of days you will see some additions to Gallery for Auction and Sale.

The charity items are now posted on the Motivated Motion Gallery. 100% of the profits of the dedicated items go a local animal rescue charity I support.
Folks who buy the charity items will get a letter from the charity president and co-ordinator along with their certificate of authenticity.

I am spending most of this week doing photo shoots for the Gallery. I have many sets of handmade doilies to post for sale. These have all been made by Nanny Tucker. She is almost 96 yrs old. Her stuff is very colourful and she makes each doily without a pattern!

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