Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Contest Winner

This is the list of Contest Entries I received via Twitter, or Facebook or email or Comments
To qualify each person entering could enter as many times as they wished- but they had to choose only one method of communication and they needed to have separated and unique entries from their past ones.

@meanbeanbags Pirate
Mishelle Lecourt 4 leaf clover
Mishelle Lecourt lipstick
Amber Olson Butterfly
Amber Olson Cat/Cat Head
Mishelle Lecourt Martini Glass
Mishelle Lecourt Initials KL
Mishelle Lecourt Initials ML
@triedit cell phone
@triedit cause ribbons
@triedit twitter mascot
@triedit moon with a fairy on it

At 6:00PM (est) all the entries were transferred to paper strips, were folded individually and placed into a bowl. At 6:30PM My husband Carl drew one name.

The Winner is! :

Mishelle Lecourt Initials ML

Thanks for participating! Thanks for your idea submissions!

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