Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Friggin Flu!

So don't get sick and have to go to the hospital. There are sick people there!

After my major few weeks of incessant medical tests at the hospital following the weird stroke-like spell I had a few Fridays ago, I have now come down with a horrible flu.

It is not swine flu for sure. It is a regular run-of-the-mill : fever, painful sinus, itchy nose, swollen membranes, flaming throat, achey all over flu.

I began to suspect something was up on the weekend. My hayfever allergies seemed to be way too irritated. Claritin was only working for a couple of hours, then my head would be stuffed again.

On Sunday when we were returning from the family bridal shower in Kitchener my nose began to itch horribly. I was sneezing in the car and the sneezes were hurting.
That evening my nose began to run like a tap. Just run run run! I was getting sores on my face under my nose-it was so raw.
I couldn't sleep. I could not stop my nose from running long enough to get any rest.

Finally I relented and took a dose of hot neo citron to help calm the symptoms.
I think I fell asleep around 5AM.

Then I slept pretty much all of Monday.
Today I spent a second day in bed. My bed has my knitting bag on it, 5 DVD movies, my cell phone, my walkie phone, a bottle of mineral water, Cloraceptic lozenges and 3 boxes of kleenex.
I am bannished to my room so no one else in the house will get it.

I have spent most of the last two days sleeping.
But when I am up to it I prop up the pillows and knit a few rows and watch a bit of one of the Harry Potter films on my laptop, or I check out my twitter feeds or look at my messages on my cell phone.

My room smells like vics.
I feel like I need to use that germ fighting gel on my whole body.
I have a strange desire to needle felt a germ.

I am lost in a sea of snoggy kleenex. I have bright burgundy hair (thanks to Graham last week) and pastey white skin and huge red nose. I feel like a deranged Rudolph (or Rudoff for those in the "Jax")

I am too sick to do my last medical tests, so they are postponed till I am well.
I want to be completely well too, as they will make me wear a mask like some viral spawn!

So far the tests that have come back are normal which is good. But it also means we don't know exactly what happened to me.
It is good to know that the preventative medications the doctors put me on a number of years ago when I became a diabetic have done a great job of reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke that I had because my Dad had a heart attack at 46 (I will be 46 June 28th).
It is nice to know that they made a good call those yrs back.

So if you get sick......beware the hospital.....there are sick people there! LOL

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julietk said...

LOL that's is what my hubbys says when he has his appointments. I hope your flu goes away quickly. Hugs Juliet