Friday, June 26, 2009

I Think This Has Turned Into A Month I Would Sooner Forget!

Wow I just cannot believe this month!
First I end up in the hospital with a weird reaction or something, and end up with a slu of tests for way more problems than I care to write about, then a surgery date, then my Mom is rushed into hospital near dead. Then me getting sick and can't visit Mom.....
Just as things are looking up with Mom recovering at home, and me still sick but preparing for next weeks surgery a bunch of famous folks die.
It isn't that the Famous folks is that this month was so remarkable, we will always remember what was happening, and the year etc because of the relation to other traumatic events in our life.
I remember what my family was doing when Elvis died. We were on a 15 hr road trip from the bush in Northern Ontario. We heard it on the radio....
This month was Carl and My 25th anniversary and it was way overshadowed by key people being sick. Carl's birthday was quiet on moving Day for Al and Amber, our anniversary was spent painting, and my birthday will come right in the middle of Michael Jackson's death and my surgery with the "roto router "Dr. Lady.

I don't like months like this. I hate being sick. I am a horrible sick person. I am a loner when I am sick and I am horrible with folks fussin over me. I spent this month feeling absolutely rancid. The tiredness has defeated me more days than I care to admit. I actually spent three days bed-ridden....which is way not me. I am the gal who got up and walked without meds 1.5 hrs after a complex hysterectomy way back when!

I have used approximately 20boxes of kleenex this month! 20! I tell you it was hard to dispose of that in the green bin!

So what about the famous peoples' deaths?
Well, the death of Ed McMahon was sad, and so was Farrah Fawcett. We knew they were sick and there stories were on the TV lots.
Perhaps I see Farrah in a different light now. Rectal cancer touched my family.... and this is why I am having surgery next week. Hopefully I won't get the bad words after surgery. But this one is not just a routine screening for me. It is because something happened to me the week before I was rushed into the hospital that has sent the red flags up to my specialists. Seeing my cardiac tests for an escemic event came back clear, the next step is to look in the gut for something that could cause the same symptoms.
I have been told small removals could happen or a large biopsy, but no other surgery is supposed to take place that day.
I remember when my grandmother was diagnosed with rectal cancer, and her surgery which left her with a cholostomy bag.

How about Michael Jackson?

I was a moderate fan of Michael Jackson when I was young.
Carl was a big fan, and subsequently my Sons enjoyed his music too.
I increased in my appreciation for Michael in the '80s when Carl exposed me to the technical side of what he loved about Michael's work.
I think my Sons liked Michael for this technical appreciation too.
Carl appreciated the skill of dance and presentation and the huge work ethic Michael had. Carl loved how Michael had a knack pushing the world to move along with him as he evolved.
When Thriller came out I was hooked!

I will tell you all too, that Carl and I do not believe he molested children. Those that know us will find this comment a little slanted from how our stance on the subject of childrens' welfare is usually. Our belief comes from reading Michael's testimony those years back. To us it was not unusual to have our children in our bed, and we could see how this could become routine. We felt that how a person feels about that is totally based on their sense of boundaries. The first 5 years of our life with children was spent with no less than 1 kid and a dog in bed with us every night. Our Son Alex never slept through the night until he was 5. He would end up in our bed sometime during every night. We bathed with our children when they were little toddlers, and we tried not to be overly prudish with them over nakedness. So we too could have been looked at with ill eyes by the public if they knew how we governed our life.

To uplift the end of this month and to frankly make myself feel a bit better I am leaving you with two great Michael Jackson Videos to watch.
I hope you enjoy them.
Say a little prayer for anyone suffering before you watch these two fantastic videos.....

*To Watch a video of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" please click HERE

I really hope on the day of his memorial folks all over the world gather in public places and Dance The Thriller Dance at a synchronized moment.


Miz said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything works out for you and your family.

Sad news about MJ. I'm not a fan but he seemed like a tortured soul to me and this is so sudden. I'm guessing his health issues were far more serious than reported.

I don't think he did anything to those kids either but I do feel he should have been more careful about placing himself in certain situations. It's a sad thing to do but you need to watch your back in this day and age in respect to kids.

Lynn said...

Thanks for your well wishes Miz. I don't think I have any worries, but you just never know. I am impressed by my Mom's recovery and I think she has a new lease on life now! Oxygen therapy is working wonders!