Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fall The Loss

Like Phoenixes From The Fires of Hell……
And out of the ashes raise 5 fluent Angels.
Gabriel cannot join thee………

It is a feeling in your chest. A vibration in your head, and thunder rolls as the drums start the battle cry of Fall The Loss.

I would have never thought that my little Cammy would end up the lead singer of a Heavy Metal Band.
I stand way back of the crowd trying to soak it all in.

I want to remember every moment when I hear the ecstasy of the crowd of fans wailing.

“Fall The Loss, Fall The Loss, Fall The Loss!” the people chant.
The energy swells within the room and then a harmonic tap on Chris’s guitar sends the fans into a screaming frenzy.

The onlookers know every song, and they are anticipating the moments that turn into a wild frenzy on stage.

Cam and Ben look like giants up there. The tendons in Cameron’s neck are pulsing as he releases his passionate lyrics to the crowd. Low, loud, baritone roar.

This is no romance ballad. It is Root, Pure, and intense carnal cries of the Man Machine.

Fall The Loss describes themselves as Alternative Metal.
I describe them as Death Metal, with pure classical instrumentals.
The quality of the musicianship is equal to top symphony skill.
Conservatory Trained musicians watch this band and see the hard work put into every original piece they play.
There are no WaWa pedals at this show. No Synth, and no Capo.
And power chords are child’s play to these young men.

Bass runs by Ben are lyrics, not alternates to drums.
The two front guitars debate with each other in every bar.
Chris Beason’s brainchild is the primary guitar sound.
John Cornell takes the songs of Chris and then addresses each note with his own fingering conversation.
As John begins to tap out his songs the crowd goes mad.
Dustin’s flash double-kick sound rises the emotion level of the crowd, as his drums build to a crescendo.

As each song is forged, it is Cam’s job to create meaningful lyrics that the band can relate to.

You will hear no repetitive banter in any of the Fall The Loss songs.
You will have to leave your prissy country sounds at the door if you dare enter the Angels' realm.

Every concert takes my mind back to when I was their age.
I feel 17 again when I listen to them play.


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