Saturday, April 22, 2006


Living Vicariously Through Your Parents

You know, I thought that as a parent I would be proud to live vicariously through my children.
Don’t get me wrong, but the idea of living your life through someone else’s life was something I attributed to Me as an adult, enjoying those interests ( that are different from mine) that my Husband and Sons have. I really never put to mind that my Parents have a pretty darn interesting life too.

At least, not until last month.

Something happened to my parents that my father says, “ Was one of the highlights of my life!”

Honestly my Dad has been a fairly high profile guy. He was a high ranking Toronto Police Detective when he retired, and in his Police career did some ground breaking things like become the first hostage negotiator, and he trained the most recent past Deputy Chief as a Cadet; besides being a guard for the Pope and the Queen!
After my Dad retired from the Police Department he and my Mom opened up a pretty well known Salmon fishing charter business. So I really thought they both had experienced some awesome life!

My Dad has become very friendly with “Mr T”, the mailman.
When you are retired and are a very social character it is easy to make conversation with the mailman and your variety store owner and your Pharmacy clerk. Dad enjoys being chatty and really gets into the fact that he now has leisure time to stop and smell the roses, or at least gossip on the corner.

Through the winter “Mr. T” mentioned to my Dad that he is engaged to Vicky Sunohara, who is one of the Stars of the Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey Team. Dad was just thrilled by this news and had been following the great feats of Our Awesome Team since Nagano. He loves hockey, and watching each exciting game on TV rejuvenates him.
Every day during the Torino Olympic games Dad would wait for “Mr. T” to deliver the mail, so he could talk about the recent game. Dad would be able to talk about every play, and share the pride of “Mr. T” about his so far away FiancĂ©e.

The Olympics came and went, and all Canadians had a tear in their eye watching the Women’s Team take home “The Gold”!

A few weeks went by. My Mom and Dad were just sitting around, playing a game of cards, when a knock was heard at the door.

Standing before them on their front stoop was the Infamous Vicky Sunohara and “Mr.T”.
She heard about the interest all the folks on “Mr. T’s” route had taken in the team and shared with “Mr. T”, and she came to say thank you for the support.

Mom and Dad were in awe. Standing before them was a true sports hero. A woman who is the pride of all Canadians. A woman who is a positive role model for all kids. A woman who served with honour on our Olympic Team, even though it meant leaving her family and Fiancé, behind for half a year to prepare.
You never know how you will be surprised in life.
And I have learned from this to listen to everyone’s story and be friendly and chatty.
And if you are positive, you just may effect someone enough, for her to come and say
Thank You.


Nevermore Studio said...

That's a great story Lyn. A real human interest happening. The fact that she took it upon herself to visit with people who rooted for her also shows great character. Good thing we do stop and listen to stories. Great that you wrote it.
cheers, Laurie

Lynn said...

Hey Laurie,

It amazes me every day what new things are happening to my folks.
On a boring day Dad will still have a good golf story.
When we talk on the phone after he golfs I say, "So.....did you golf like an asshole?"
And he answers, "Yes." most of the time. Then proceeds to tell me why.