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THE LORE: To Jew or not to Jew? That is the question.

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Here is the Oral Lore of Druid/Celtic history as I know it.
It is Oral, so I am sure it is embellished. So I will call it myth.

At the time of Moses, in the land of Egypt there was a tribe of Priests that came to Moses in need.
These priests were the Levites.
Prisoner slaves just as Moses and the Israelites were. They knew the land, and how to fight, and they learned much philosophy from the Jews while enslaved.
Upon the Exodus the Levites asked Moses to take them with him.
Moses agreed.
And out of a debt of Thanks, the Levites joined ranks with Moses.
He became a member of their tribe out of Honour.

It was out of this debt of Thanks that the Levites repaid their debt honouring Moses, and they became the keepers or guards of the Temple of Solomon.

The Levites were not celibate priests, and they did marry.

The question is: Were the Levites who escaped with Moses Married or not? There is no mention in our Lore if they were single or married.
If we are to assume they were not married, and thus did marry women of the Jewish tribes of Israelites, then the line is surely Jewish. If they were not Jews and came to Moses with families already, then the may not be Jewish. Was Moses really a Levite or was he an honourary one?

There are Judaic references to the possibility that the old keepers of the temple were not Jews, for they are described as not circumcised.
Most Jews believe that this refers to an earlier time than the Temple of Solomon, and the reference speaks of the temple of worship in general. It is interpreted by the Jews to mean that the Levites were always Jews and replaced the others at the time of Solomon.

So now you know the historical dilemma.
Our Lore does not speak of the Levites as Jews, but as partners of Moses.
Their belief in his Spiritual Life and Guidance converted the Levites to serve evermore.
It would be wonderful to say that I clearly know I am a Jew, but I don't feel qualified at all to make that call. Why would it matter? It would be another way to solidify the strong framework of Spritual ideals. I can see it as being a coin with the faiths forged on each side. To have a tangeble link would allow both to stretch out and fill some of the voids within each faith, the odd follower might have. For we all only take from religion which suits us and our needs. The ideals of belief and faith are dynamic in that way.

.........And for Generations the Levites were the revered Priests to the Temple of Solomon.
Keepers of the faith, Guards for the Temple, held in the highest reguard by the Jews.

Just before the fall of the Temple of Solomon the Levites were split into two groups. They and their families went off in two directions. For they were to escape again, with the treasures of the temple and guard them with their very lives. Lives lived only to serve God and the temple.
With all of the treasures and secrets the two halves of the Tribe of Levites split, and so was all the treasure. Not thieves, but guardians and preservers.
Half went to the East, and traveled the great deserts to keep their half of the treasures hidden.
Half went to the West, and traveled to the great wilderness to keep their half of the treasures hidden as well.

It is of that Western tribe that fled to the Wilderness, the Druids/Celts were born.
The Levites joined with small bands of pagans throughout the wilderness family by family. To spread the hiding places of the treasure throughout the Wilderness.
They were great teachers of the faith, and they saw opportunity that could grow.
They drew from the ancient pagan ideals and they taught the pagans rites and rituals from the Levite's faith.
The pagans had lived in fear, and now they had guidance and ritual and a reverence for deities in the words of the Levites.
The Levites understood that they needed to be able to join with the Pagans to be successful in their duties to the temple, so they amalgamated their rites into the beliefs of the Pagans. And hid away in these new tribes becoming one with the landscape.
Even the languages were influenced by the Levites.
The Pagans were divided by locality.
They called themselves Druids, or Celtics. Both languages the same, yet pronounced differently.

As time passed the idea of the treasure of the temple and the roots of the rites were set way back in the minds of the Druids/Celtics.
They were happy with their rituals, and the treasure and the journey became a myth.

The old Levites taught them to fight, and how to master the art of the stone mason. They taught them the rites and rituals and found ways to create references for the Oral Lore. Remember the Levites themselves had access to the treasure of Solomon to inspire their own deep-rooted teachings and beliefs. And being priests the Levites were scholars, and were influencing tribes that had no literacy who were in need of a way of passing tradition. They needed guidence on how to keep oral Lore.
The believers began to create stone monuments to their Gods. Great references for the rites and rituals.

Strangely enough we now see beautiful smooth stone and rough cut stones left by the ancients.
Foliage is important in the rebirth of the spiritual soul. So some fraternal orders refer to leaves like the acacia in their rituals to strengthen their own Lore.
The moon guided every ritual.
The stars helped tell the story.
The number of hours the sun shone each day determined what each follower would do the next day.
As the days got shorter they prepared for the harvest, and they celebrated firelight on the longest night.
When the days became longer they counted and waited, and as the longest day came closer they knew to plant their crops, the time of renewal had begun.

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